Lush Leeds Spa Tales of Bath Launch

The Magical World of Lush Leeds Spa // ‘Tales of Bath’ Launch!

Hi guys I will warn you, this is going to be a pretty photo-heavy blog post… everything at Lush just looked so pretty and colourful, I ended up taking a ton of pictures!  I was lucky enough to be invited to Lush Leeds for the launch of their new spa treatment, ‘Tales of Bath’.  Now I knew about the Lush spa, but I’ve never had a treatment so I was really excited to take a peek and see what it’s like down there (if you don’t already know, it’s below the Commercial Street Lush shop floor).

We were greeted by all the lovely Lush staff (seriously, it must be a requirement of employment at Lush to be a super-lovely, sweet person!)  Two of the girls told us all about how the spa is decorated and the atmosphere they were aiming for, and also about the new treatment, ‘Tales of Bath’.  Whilst telling us about it, they used dry ice in a metal kettle to scent the air – I think this is the same scent used in one of the treatments.  There was also a live singer, which was cool as it really added to the atmosphere. Lush Leeds Spa Tales of Bath Launch After having a little wander around the shop, I was taken down to the spa area.  They took us down in small groups of around 5, so that it wasn’t too crowded and we could experience the real, calm atmosphere of the area.  The spa has been decorated in a really nice vintage woodsy feeling way, with tons of little vintage items such as old books, hand-chosen vintage plates on the walls and a huge farmhouse table in the ‘kitchen’ area.

Lush Leeds Spa Tales of Bath Launch

Lush Leeds Spa Kitchen

One of the spa staff then read us a story… yep, really!  Apparently this is how the Tales of Bath treatment begins, and is then followed by listening to specific sounds and poems being read aloud throughout the treatment.  She was wearing cute little striped pyjamas, which you are apparently given to wear if you book a spa party, so that you can chill out in the kitchen or lounge area when you’re not actually having your treatment.  Spa parties also get a vegetarian afternoon tea, served at the big communal table, which sounds amazing.  It’s something I would have loved to do for my hen party had I known about it back then!

We had a demonstration of what a couple of the treatments are like, as they had two treatments in progress.  The first one I believe was the massage section of the Tales of Bath treatment – you lie on a comfy massage table with one of those huge pregnancy type pillows, so you can get really comfy on your side.  The massage seemed quite calming and relaxing.  Prior to the massage, you take a bath in a gorgeous roll-top tub, with the biggest bathbomb you’ve seen in your life (about 3x the size of a normal one, with the scent of Yoga Bomb), drinking from a vintage goblet – talk about the royal treatment!

The second treatment we saw was The Good Hour, a deep tissue, full body massage aimed to stretch out the muscles and leave you feeling revitalised.  This was in another ramshackle wooden room with lanterns lit and sea-shanty songs playing! I loved the decor, all the candles lit and the shelves full of gorgeous Alice in Wonderland style coloured glass bottles – it really made the whole place feel magical.  You could totally forget you were in the middle of Leeds City Centre!

Lush Leeds Spa Tales of Bath Launch

Before going back upstairs, we were given a choice between three mini-treatments – a palm reading (part of the Planets treatment), a hand massage with a moisturising serum or a head massage including tuning forks/sounds.  I opted for the palm reading as it was in a really pretty room with twinkly lights projected onto the ceiling.  The lady explained to me that it wasn’t intended as a future-telling thing, she just looks at your palm and tells you about your personality, emotions etc.  She said I had ‘water hands’ and was caring, emotional and creative.  It was very interesting and a lot of what she said rang true! Back up on the main floor, it was time to get messy at the ‘create your own Comforter’ station!  We were given lumps of the pink and white mixture, which we were meant to sort of squash and swirl together – it was really fun but quite hard to get the mixture to swirl as it was really crumbly.  We each got to take our own creation home – can’t wait to use mine, as it’s my favourite Lush product anyway!



Lush Spa Treatments Menu

I had an amazing time, and would absolutely love to visit the spa for a treatment in the future… although the treatments are quite expensive so fingers crossed for winning the lottery 😀  They clearly really care about the experience as a whole, not just the actual hands-on part of the treatment, and you can tell how much effort they put into every single aspect of it. We were also VERY lucky enough to be sent home with goody bags!  I was really excited as mine contained 4 products I’d never tried before, so I can’t wait to have a play with everything.  The ‘Green’ bubbleroon smells amazing, exactly like freshly cut grass, yum!


Lush Tales of Bath Launch Goody Bag (plus my own handmade Comforter!)

Thanks to the wonderful Urika at Lush PR, and the Lush Leeds staff for a fabulous evening!

Have you ever been to the Lush spa?  Which treatment do you like the sound of?  Let me know in the comments!

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    • Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

      Haha I know, it was too hard to pick from all the photos I took as everything is sooo pretty! I love how colourful everything is.

      I was crap at making the Comforter lol! I didn’t know how to twist it so it’s like a half and half circle 😀 I’ll still enjoy using it though xx

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