Jo Malone London Launch: Blue Skies & Blossoms (limited edition) – be the first to see it here!

Hi everyone!  Hope you’re all well.  I am back from “fake Easter” at my mum’s house.  Although I had a nice time relaxing and being cooked for, I was feeling pretty unwell with my ME and fibro, combined with dizziness from a new medication.  Fun and games!

So, as promised, here are the details on the new Jo Malone London limited edition fragrance launch.  Jo Malone bring out a limited edition “blossom” fragrance collection every spring.  2015’s offering is “Blue Skies & Blossoms” – a collection they describe as delicate, carefree and ethereal.  The store frontage certainly had that feeling – it looked extremely pretty and spring-like as I approached!

IMG_20150409_191150 IMG_20150409_191131

On arriving, guests were offered pink champagne, to represent the pink blossoms in the fragrance range.  We were also given pink popcorn, which represented the light and airy nature of the fragrances.


On chatting with some of the very knowledgeable staff members, they told us that JML are known for their fragrance combining, often layering more than one perfume in order to create something unique.  They like to be creative, offering combinations to go from day to night, change with the seasons and represent the wearer’s mood.

IMG_20150409_191208 IMG_20150409_191234

Once everyone had arrived, a Jo Malone London member of staff did a short talk on the spring launch.  She told us a bit about each fragrance, and what the collection overall represented.  Here’s what we were told about each of the three fragrances, together with my own impressions of them:

Sakura Cherry Blossom (pink lid)

Top note: Bergamot (the bloom from a bitter orange tree)
Heart: Cherry blossom (a soft, ethereal scent)
Base: Rosewood

My impressions:  This was a very “pretty smelling” fragrance.  It was lightly floral, but still fresh.  Very wearable, and definitely something I would wear myself.

Osmanthus Blossom (green lid)

Top note: Petitgrain (an essential oil extracted from the leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange tree)
Heart: Osmanthus blossom (from China, with apricot and peach tones)
Base: Cashmere wood

My impressions:  This one was really fresh and I found it almost citrusy, but the base note of cashmere made it really soft and wearable.  Although not a masculine scent, I could almost imagine my husband layering this on his existing aftershave to create a really nice, fresh, unusual scent.

Plum Blossom (purple lid)

Top note: Yellow plum
Heart: Plum blossom
Base: White musk

My impressions:  Don’t let the mention of white musk put you off!  Had I just read that, I would assume I wouldn’t like it, but this is an extremely subtle base note.  The overall scent that you get is definitely of juicy, yellow plums.  This one is a very fruity, summery fragrance.


After hearing about and smelling each fragrance, we were then treated to a luxurious arm and hand massage, using their classic Pomegranate Noir body cream, and finished with a fragrance of your choice from the new collection.  I chose to combine Sakura Cherry Blossom and Osmanthus Blossom, to create a pretty, feminine but fresh scent.  The massage was really relaxing and just what I needed as obviously I generally feel fairly unwell.  A bit of pampering always helps!

The only downside for me was that the three fragrances only came in the full 100ml sizes, costing £86 each.  I would prefer the option of the 30ml bottle too (still expensive at £40, but less of a “commitment”!)  Perhaps you could put this one on your gift list for the next birthday?

I think whether or not you are a Jo Malone London fan, if you are interested in more high-end fragrances, this range is beautiful and definitely worth checking out at your local branch.  The bottles are also very pretty, coming with coloured lids (a departure from the usual silver lids).  Definitely dressing-table eye candy!

Let me know if you have any questions about the range.

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