I’m Back in the Land of Wi-fi! Chatty Catch Up and Travelling with Chronic Illnesses

Hi guys!

I’ve been away for a few days, but it was really nice to come back to so many comments on my recent blog posts!  It’s really nice to know people are reading and enjoying it, it made my day.  Shame about the 63 spam comments…. I’m sure fellow bloggers will feel me on that one!

I went to stay with my Dad at his static caravan a few hours away.  This doesn’t sound like much but it was a pretty big deal for me.  With ME and fibromyalgia, sometimes even getting out of bed is difficult, never mind making a journey and socialising!  I was very unwell the night before we were due to leave, resulting in a trip to the out-of-hours doctor.  I didn’t think we would be able to go, but after a good night’s sleep, I felt up to the journey by around lunchtime on Friday.

My husband drove, and I made sure to take my painkillers and eat and drink during the journey.  We also stopped for food half way.  I was dreading travelling, as I usually get car sick, and being stuck in one position isn’t good with fibro.  It actually went surprisingly well and I arrived in one piece!  I took my trusty electric heat pad for the aches and pains (I will never go anywhere without it in future, it’s a godsend!)  We had a really nice time.

I even got to have a 99 with strawberry sauce, in the sunshine!  It’s been a while since I’ve been to an ice-cream van.

Blog pic ice cream

Travelling and being away from home with chronic illnesses can be a bit difficult and daunting, but I’m really glad I managed it!  I’m very grateful my body held up for the weekend and journey home, and will happily take the payback that is no doubt coming (shout out to PEM lol!) as it was well worthwhile to see my Dad.

Have a great week everyone.

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