Exciting Things From Down Under // Aussie Goodies!

G’day guys (sorrrryyyyy, I had to!)

A fellow-spoonie friend of mine from Australia very kindly sent me a parcel stuffed full of Aussie goodies!  It was so exciting to open and look through, so I thought I’d share the excitement with you guys!  Bridget wanted me to try Tim Tams, as I had heard they were yummy… not only did she send me a packet of those, she also sent tons of sweets, chocolate and even a makeup palette.  I’m a very lucky girl.


Here’s what she sent:

_20150925_162636  (she was right, they’re so good!)

_20150925_162623            _20150925_162720

I’m a massive Marmite fan and the Australian version of that is Vegemite.  It’s very similar, just a little bit milder I think.  So she sent me a big tube of Vegemite, and also this Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel with Vegemite!  It’s so strange… I think I like it, but I can only have a piece or two at a time as it’s a strange combination.

_20150925_162652         _20150925_162733

Bridget is a makeup junkie like me, so she included a lovely little eyeshadow palette, perfect for doing a nice smoky eye look.

_20150925_162831   _20150925_162814

Finally, she included this adorable little laminated print spoon.  As you probably know, an affectionate term for the chronically ill is ‘spoonie’ (read why here) and Bridget sent me this ‘extra spoon’ so that I always have a bit of energy to spare!


I absolutely loved opening this package and trying some Aussie sweets and chocolate.  I have to say, Bridget is right – Tim Tams are way nicer than Penguins!  They’re pretty similar but there’s something about the Tim Tams that makes it very hard to stop at just one.

THANK YOU SO MUCH BRIDGET!  Her amazing jewellery page can be found here if you’re interested in custom-made jewellery, including spoonie and awareness jewellery.

Thanks for reading – enjoy the rest of your day.

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