At my second home – the doctors!

Sorry posts have been less frequent in the last week or so. I usually write a few when I’m feeling a little better and then schedule them, but I haven’t had many ”better moments’ recently.

On top of the usual chronic illness, I’ve also had a recurring skin infection and a really bad shoulder. I’m currently waiting to be seen at the doctors (AKA my second home!)

I hope that if we can get the infection and shoulder  sorted, I’ll have a little energy back to deal with the ME and fibro. On the plus side, my TMJ responded well to the last botox injections, so that element of pain has subsided 🙂

Someone has requested a post on all the TMJ treatments I have undergone and how effective they were, so I’ll gladly write that when I’m up to it. Stay tuned!

Thanks for being patient, ME forces you to live at a much slower pace of life!

Katie x

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