My 3 Favourite Beauty Trends for 2017!

Hi guys!  How are you?  I hope you’re having a good week.  I recently received a really good e-book from Ellisons (which you can read here) and it got me thinking about my favourite beauty trends for 2017!  There are so many different trends and themes in makeup (usually beginning on the fashion catwalk and filtering down pretty quickly to Instagram!)  

Beauty Trends for 2017

I have to say, I often see a beauty trend and think; “really?!”  I am pretty adventurous with my makeup and like to try lots of different colours and styles, but some trends are a little bit unwearable!

My favourite beauty trends for 2017 beauty trends makeup trends beauty fashions

The ones that seem unwearable though, often end up getting used in a much more watered down version in real life.  I’ve never personally been that into the nude trend that has been around for over a year now.  The nude, neutral lipsticks just don’t appeal to me (and don’t really suit me!)  Give me a bright pink or purple lipstick any day!

I want to tell you about my picks from the fashion forecast that are actually wearable in your day-to-day life.  So here are my personal favourite beauty trends for 2017!

1)  Freckles!

You might remember a year or so ago, it became fashionable to add fake freckles to your face using makeup.  It was usually achieved using a brown liner or brow pencil.  Not long after that, freckle stencils became a thing!  They made it easier for people to add a large amount of different sized, more natural-looking freckles quickly.  Apparently this has come back around, and people are going so far as to tattoo freckles on their faces!!  I personally don’t think that’s the best idea, as if it goes out of style and you no longer like it, you could be stuck with the freckles for a very long time!

My favourite beauty trends for 2017 beauty trends makeup trends beauty fashions

My freckles, showing even through my foundation!

Now I have never had to add fake freckles to my face – as a pale girl with Irish heritage, I have plenty of my own!  They tend to fade a bit over the winter, but come out in full force at the first sign of some sun.  I never used to really like them, as I felt they looked a bit ‘messy’ and I could never get a blank canvas for my makeup.  But seeing them become a beauty trend has made me embrace them a little more.  I’m going to make the most of mine whilst they’re still in style! 😀

2)  Glitter

I have a confession:  I LOVE glitter!  Anything shimmery and sparkly has my heart immediately.  So to be honest I would wear it whether it was in style or not.  But I’m happy to see that glitter is going to be one of the beauty trends for 2017!  Hopefully it means that lots more brands will bring out sparkly products and there will be loads of fun new things to test out 🙂

My favourite way to use glitter is on the centre of my eye lid.  I’ll do a halo eye, most likely in purple and mauve tones, then a pop of gold, copper or bronze glitter in the centre of the lid.  You can make it subtle by using a sparkly eyeshadow, or more dramatic by using loose glitter over some eye adhesive.  

If you’re a bit nervous of using glitter around your eye area, you could try a sparkly lip instead!  Either by using a shimmery or holographic lipgloss, or by applying fine glitter over your favourite lippie.  In the last few years, it’s become much easier to find loose cosmetic glitters, with the high street now having a good selection!

3)  Special Effects Lips

If you’re into makeup, you’ll know that for the last year or two, it’s been all about matte liquid lipstick.  Pretty much every brand has a line of them by now and it’s all you see people wearing all over YouTube and Instagram!  We’ve all seen that ‘Insta Baddy’ rocking a brown matte lip and looking impossibly flawless!  Beauty trends have come and gone, yet the matte liquid lip has stayed strong!

My favourite beauty trends for 2017 beauty trends makeup trends beauty fashions

Duochrome lips!

I have to say, I definitely embraced that trend wholeheartedly – I’ve got liquid lippies in pretty much every colour imaginable!  I love that they are so long-lasting, but the downside is how dry your lips can get.  I’ve actually taken a break from liquid lipsticks for the last few weeks, as my lips have been so bad.  Well it looks like my break might be getting a bit longer, as glossy, sparkly, colour-shifting lips are taking over!

The market has started being flooded with different ‘special effects’ lip topcoats.  The idea is that you put on whatever lipstick you like (matte, liquid or regular) then top it with a layer of special effects topcoat!  There are ones that have a duochrome effect, which shift colours depending on the angle and light.  There are ones that add a fine coat of shimmer.  And there are even ones that make your lips look like an oil slick (and they are BEAUTIFUL!!)  

My favourite beauty trends for 2017 beauty trends makeup trends beauty fashions

Lip products are my kryptonite, and always the makeup products I’m most drawn to.  I personally love this trend and can’t wait to get experimenting!  Matte liquid lipsticks – wait for me, yeah?

Get The Look

You can get any of these looks using either budget drugstore makeup, or more high-end products.  It’s entirely up to you and your budget!  If you’re a little more advanced in the world of makeup, or even an MUA, you might like these professional makeup kits from Ellisons.*  They have a wide range of products, to suit every look you want to create!

You can also check out my frequent #makeupoftheday posts over on my Instagram!

This post was sponsored by Ellisons, but all content and opinions are entirely my own.

What are your favourite beauty trends of 2017?  Would you wear any of the ones I’ve chosen?  What is your “go-to” makeup look?  Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “My 3 Favourite Beauty Trends for 2017!

  1. Huriyah says:

    I love freckles but the fake ones would look so strange on my face! I’ve seen some people pull the fake freckles off beautifully, though. The halo eye look is my go-to for when I want to have a more done up makeup look ^.^

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