What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) – 7 April 2015

Hi guys!  I am still majorly resting and recovering from the wedding at the weekend.  Due to the M.E, it can take a long time to recover from what my body sees as extreme exertion.  My hubby is also full of a really bad cold, so there’s a big red cross on our door at the moment, haha!

As I mentioned in my first ever WIAW post, it is photos of the food from yesterday but posted on a Wednesday.  I feel like I need a bit of a disclaimer on this one.  As I’m so unwell, I often can’t cook or prepare my own food to some extent.  When I post my WIAW photos, it will be an honest account of what I ate that day.  It may not be exciting, it may not be nutritionally balanced… sometimes it may just be whatever I can manage to put together.  So this is not intended in any way to “tell people how or what to eat”.  I just love reading these posts myself and want to blog what I love.  I also thought it may be interesting for other spoonies in a similar position to see what simple things I put together or convenient food which may be easy for them.  That said, here is yesterday’s food:


I need quick-to-grab stuff for breakfast as mornings are bad for me.  I had a banana (too ripe – I like them super yellow with no brown spots usually!), some red grapes and a fig Activia yogurt.  Fig Activias are my favourite yogurts, they’re just gorgeous.  The rhubard ones come a close second!




I wasn’t very hungry at lunch time and was feeling bad so I had to force myself to have something.  I get low blood sugar if I don’t eat regularly (nothing to do with the ME etc, I’ve always been like that).  I kind of just grabbed stuff from the fridge which ended up being some leftover cheesy garlic pizza bread and a basic lettuce and tomato salad.  No protein, so a bit of a vegetarian fail, but hey!  I also drink tons of water and squash throughout the day.



Dinner was broccoli & cheese pasta with a bit of grated light cheddar on top, and a rocket, onion & tomato salad, drizzled with balsamic and olive oil.

Later on, I had a cup of Clipper “Sleep Easy” tea.  I love this stuff.  It contains valerian (and is caffeine free) so is meant to aid sleep.  I think it does help a bit, but I mainly drink it because it tastes really nice!  It has a natural herbal orange flavour which is really relaxing and pleasant.  I love this poppy mug 🙂


What did you guys eat yesterday?  Anything nice?

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