What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) – 31 March 2015

Aloha all! (Wait, I think I’ve been watching too much Sprinkle of Glitter on YouTube… she starts all her vids with Aloha!)

A few years ago, before I got properly sick and was into exercise etc, I got really into clean eating/nutrition for a while.  To be honest, I spent more time reading about it than actually doing it (I generally do this on most topics ha!)  A lot of the food blogs I followed (like Clean Eating Chelsey) did a weekly tag called What I Ate Wednesday.  It was a run down of what they’d eaten the day before with photos.  For some reason, I always found this fascinating, so I’ve decided to start it up on my own blog!

Now to clear up any confusion, I will be posting on Wednesdays, but it will be what I ate all day on Tuesday.  So here goes…


Breakfast was a banana, flaxseed & honey muffin that my husband made a huge batch of recently.  I’ll be sharing the recipe with you soon, as they are tasty but healthy and he thought it’d be an easy breakfast for me to grab when I’m not up to making anything myself (yes, he’s awesome!)  I also added an Activia Intensely Creamy blueberry yogurt and a satsuma.

Side note: I avoided buying those yogurts for ages as the name made it sound like they’d be higher in calories than the usual ones.  They’re actually slightly less, and have a lovely thick texture.



Lunch was a slice of caramelised onion tart from Lidl, with rocket and tomatoes (simply dressed with olive oil and balsamic).  The tart was a little bit cardboardy unfortunately, but the onions tasted good.  I also had a plum and a Diet Coke.  Don’t worry, I also drink a ton of water throughout the day!

A bit later in the afternoon I got peckish, so I had some cashew nuts and pistachios.  This is a good way of getting in some protein, as I’m a veggie.

DSC_1577 DSC_1578


Haha I didn’t know what to call that, depends where you come from!  We had burgers for tea – beef for hubby and halloumi for me.  God I love halloumi!  I dressed my sesame buns with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and onion, and added a bit of burger mustard and roasted garlic mayo.  I had a little bottle of lager too.  These burgers were gorgeous!


I went to bed before 9pm as I was sooo tired, but woke up at about 2:30am.  Annoyingly, whenever I wake up in the night I’m always hungry – does anyone else have that?  So I had another yogurt as I was too stiff and sore to get anything proper.  That would probably explain why I’ve spent most of today sleeping!  Joyous pain.

So that’s it for next week – try and contain your excitement until next week’s installment!

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