Today’s Bits & Bobs!

No, not of the rude sort!!  There are a few little bits about today I wanted to discuss, which didn’t fit into my other posts.  I nipped to Primark and Boots after lunch today (mini hauls to come) and was feeling in need of some vitamin C!  As I was in Trinity shopping centre, I dropped into “Fuel Juice Bar”.  They have a decent drinks menu, including fruit smoothies, dairy smoothies, “power smoothies” and “super juices”.

Fuel juice bar

I didn’t fancy anything off the menu so I just asked for a small orange and strawberry (non-dairy) juice.  I paid for a small juice, but was the presented with this monstrosity – it was bigger than my head!!  Not that I’m complaining.  They were about to close for the day and she’d made the full amount so I think she thought it made more sense just to give it to me.  Bonus!  I drank some on the way home and shared the rest with my husband (who is full of cold and in need of extra vitamins!)  It was really fresh and tasty, and the prices are reasonable, if a teeny bit high.  (Side note: is it only me who always presses the “diet” button down on drink lids?  I just can’t resist, as though it magically removes all calories!)


Here is a picture of what I had for dinner tonight – it’s just a “what’s in the fridge” salad… including spinach, rocket, beetroot, capers, tomatoes, avocado and mozzarella.  My husband threw it all together and dressed it simply with olive oil, balsamic, rock salt and black pepper.  I had more mozzarella than him, as he had his with a big beefy sirloin steak!!


Yesterday I received some amazing spoonie mail from a spoonie sister in Canada, Nicole.  She sent me two beautiful notecards (as I had coveted one of them on Facebook).  She also sent me some Stash Premium fruit tea bags (for soothing and healing) and two vibrant eyeliners, as she knows how much I love makeup!  Receiving such thoughtful mail really lifted my spirits and I’m so grateful to her.

Nicole mailDSC_1544

I have yet to try the eyeliners (but will review when I do), however I tried the “meyer lemon caffeine free herbal tea” this afternoon and it was gorgeous.  Really strong, citrusy and refreshing.  It also smelt beautiful!  I’m looking forward to trying the other one now!  I immediately needed more of the lemon one, so after a bit of searching, I managed to find it online here (delivering to the UK, yay!)  It was the only reasonably priced place I found it… some US sites were charging around $20!!

So that’s my bits and bobs for today.  I’m going to go and chill in bed and watch some YouTube now, as spoonies need their rest!  Night all.

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