Super Simple Lunch – Camembert & Honey on Toast

My husband made a super simple Saturday lunch today, so I thought I would share it with you.  It’s something really tasty but takes 5 minutes to make and is easy if you’re in a rush (or if you’re a spoonie and don’t have much energy for cooking!)

He simply toasted half a seeded bread roll on both sides under the grill (just a minute or two, on medium).  Then he took a few chunks of ripe, melty Camembert and put them on top of the roll.  He melted this under the grill for another couple of minutes.  Once that was nice and melted, he drizzled some honey on top (you may think this is strange, but actually honey and cheese go really nicely together).  In this case, it was a fancy pine honey a friend brought us back from Greece, but any old honey will do!

Here’s the finished product (ooh, melty)!


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