Blend Bros // Savoury Blend Protein Sauces // Review & Recipe!

Hi guys!  This may seem a bit of a random post on what is mainly a beauty blog.  Although you may remember a while back, I did do quite a few recipe and What I Ate Wednesday posts.  I’m not sure why they went by the wayside actually… do you guys still want to see posts like that?  Let me know.

I was offered some Blend Bros sauces to try (for free – however all opinions are honest and my own), and to review on here.  The reason I accepted is that I am vegetarian (for over 8 years) and as a veggie, it’s sometimes difficult to get enough protein in your diet.  It’s definitely do-able, but you do have to plan quite carefully and make good choices.  These sauces contain 20g of pure pea protein each, which is a super-easy way to add protein to your diet without having to think too hard.


I was sent three flavours to try – Mexican Pibil Stew, Thai Jungle Curry and Spanish Tomato & Chorizo.  The one I’m reviewing here is the tomato and chorizo flavour, as that’s the one that sounded most appealing to me.  I miss the flavour of chorizo, as it’s something I used to enjoy.  This sauce gives the flavour of chorizo whilst staying vegetarian by using a blend of smoked paprika and red chilli.

Blend Bros Savoury Blend - Spanish Tomato & Chorizo review

Blend Bros Savoury Blend – Spanish Tomato & Chorizo

Although I’m vegetarian, my husband is not – he eats meat.  We tried this sauce with both regular pork sausages and with Tesco Meat Free Lincolnshire Style Sausages (I use these fairly often). We pan fried some mushrooms, red and yellow peppers and red onion on the hob.  Once they were slightly cooked, we added the sausages/veggie sausages into our pans.  Once they were pretty much fully cooked through, it was time for the sauce.

Blend Bros Savoury Blend - Spanish Tomato & Chorizo review

Cooking in progress!

To make up the sauce, you simply mix 100g of the flavour powder with 300ml of boiled water.  Stir vigorously (it takes a good stir to make sure there are no lumps of powder left).  Once it’s mixed, you can simply pour over your food. We poured half of the sauce into each pan, and warmed it gently through (it doesn’t need actual cooking but we wanted it to be warm).  Although not part of the instructions, I actually added some chopped tinned tomatoes to the sauce.  I found that it was a little too dry at first, and mixing these in helped the consistency and made it go further. Then it was ready to serve!  We popped some fresh spring onion on top for added crunch.

Blend Bros Savoury Blend - Spanish Tomato & Chorizo review

The vegetarian meal!

My husband really liked the sauce.  I quite liked it, but could detect a slight powdery taste (like you can with protein shakes etc, but not as strong as that).  I think that is probably unavoidable, as you can always detect it in any protein powder products.  It did have a nice, fairly deep flavour and I feel like it left me more full than I would have been with a standard sauce.

I think this will be an ideal way for athletes and bodybuilders to add more protein to their diets, as I imagine protein shakes get pretty old and repetitive (which is exactly what Blend Bros created them for).  For me, I will definitely try the other flavours I was sent.  I don’t think I would rely on it as a regular source of protein, but it’s a great option to have in the cupboard.

Other flavours available are Indian Kerala Curry and Sicilian Lemon & Oregano, with more on the way.  You can buy them here.  I think they will also be available in Holland & Barrett stores soon.

Do you use any protein supplements?  What do you think to the idea of high protein sauces?  Let me know in the comments!

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