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Superhero Nails // Marvel – Deadpool // Red and Black!

Hi guys!  Like most people, I recently went to see the film Deadpool.  I was curious to see how it would be, as I really didn’t enjoy Green Lantern, which Ryan Reynolds also stars in.  Luckily, Deadpool was a million times better – really funny and definitely not one for the kids!  A few days later, I needed to do my nails and a little thought began to form… and that is how these Deadpool nails came to be!  As I had a lot of fun doing them, I decided to start a little superhero nails mini-series.  Let me know who you’d like me to do next (I’m thinking more Avengers than X-Men).

Marvel Deadpool Nails Superhero Nail Art

How I did my Deadpool nails!

I laid down a base of Nails Inc Kensington Base Coat, followed by two coats of Nails Inc Tate red nail polish.  I couldn’t get away with just one coat of red, as it was a little streaky and not opaque enough.  Once that was touch-dry, I added black lines across the top third of three nails on each hand, using a small nail brush.  On the middle finger and thumb, I added two little oval shapes, to try and replicate the look of Deadpool’s mask!  The black polish I used was Essence The Gel in Black is Back.

I again waited for this to touch dry, then used a nail dotter tool to dot two white ‘eyes’ on each mask nail.  I just used a mini white nail polish from a set for this.  Once again, you’ve guessed it, I waited for this to dry (spoiler alert: these nails probably aren’t great for those in a rush – luckily for me I was stuck in bed with nothing else to do!)  Finally, I added one coat of Revlon Diamond Top Coat – I find this a pretty good top coat to stop my nails from chipping too quickly.  I have to say though, the red (Tate) was pretty bad for chipping – it needed touching up on day 2 and removing on day 4.

Marvel Deadpool Nails Superhero Nail Art


Marvel Deadpool Nails Superhero Nail Art


Marvel Deadpool Nails Superhero Nail Art

Deadpool Nails

What do you think of my Deadpool nails?  Let me know in the comments.  I’m certainly no nail artist and I have quite shaky hands, but it’s fun to do something a little different for once.  Let me know which superhero inspiration you want to see next!

[Updated to add: find the other Superhero nails here!]

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