Captain America Nails Marvel Superhero Nails Series Nail Art

Superhero Nails Series // Marvel – Captain America Nails!

Hey guys!  I hope you’re having a great day.  It’s been a long, long time, but I’m finally back with the next part of my Superhero Nails Series!  This time, since I recently saw Captain America Civil War, it had to be Captain America nails!  

These nails actually took a long time… as I’ve mentioned before, I have very shaky hands and often have little tremors.  This makes doing nail art a bit tricky, so I know they’re not the best.  But I enjoyed doing them and wanted to share them with you!

Captain America Nails Marvel Superhero Nails Series Nail Art

Nails Inc – Alexa Lace; Barry M – Blue Grape; Essie – Urban Jungle; Essie – Shall We Chalet & Mini White Polish

Captain America Nails

I decided it’d be fun to do every nail different, although I did keep the index finger a bit plainer as there was a lot going on!  I used the American flag as inspiration for two of my nails.  I did the Avengers ‘A’ on my middle nail and a sparkly red index finger.  Finally, of course, I had to do Captain America’s shield on my thumb nails!

Captain America Nails Marvel Superhero Nails Series Nail Art

Captain America Nails

What I Used

I started off using this mini white nail polish for all the white bits (just a cheap one from a set I got ages ago).  I had to stop using it as it was really thick and clumpy, so was making intricate bits really difficult to do!  I switched to Essie’s Urban Jungle, which is not properly white, more of a cream colour – but it was the closest I had.  

For the blue, I used this super vivid Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polish in Blue Grape.  It’s so bright and opaque, it’s the first time I used it but I really like it.

The red I used was an Essie mini polish in Shall We Chalet.  Finally, I used Nails Inc’s Alexa Lace effect polish for the first time too.  I wasn’t that keen on the look of it in the bottle, but it came as part of a set.  It was actually a really pleasant surprise when I used it, it looked so pretty on my nails!  It reminded me of when you have gels with glitter chunks set into them – it looked really glossy and lovely.

I also used a thin nail art brush for things like the ‘A’ and the red stripes, plus the shield circles.  I used my smallest nail dotting tool for the little dots on the flags.

Captain America Nails Marvel Superhero Nails Series Nail Art

I have to say, as there were quite a few layers and the designs were quite raised on the nails, it took AGES for them to dry!  Probably about two hours until they were fully touch-dry.  Just be aware of that if you have a go at them!

Captain America Nails Marvel Superhero Nails Series Nail Art

I hope you like these and don’t mind the shakiness too much!  I will be doing more in the Superhero Nail Series – hopefully Wonder Women will be next.  If you haven’t seen the earlier nails (Deadpool and Hulk), you can find them here!  Let me know if you have any requests!

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