OODT (Outfit of the Day) – Monday 30 March 2015

My unusual and completely unexpected run of 2/3 good health days came to an end today.  I woke up feeling my “usual” (as in usual for being chronically ill) self…. a cross between being made of concrete and having been run over by a truck.  Mornings are my worst times and I usually wake up extremely sore, stiff and in a lot of pain.

I could have done with spending the whole day resting in bed but unfortunately we had to attend a meeting about our potential house purchase (more on that later in the year, as it’s not built yet!)  I wasn’t even able to get out of bed until around midday, so my husband (who was working from home) kindly brought me a coffee and a maple pecan pastry – yum!  I usually have a much more nutritious breakfast, but as we were both off, we treated ourselves!  So around 12:30pm I very slowly got dressed.. with hubby giving me a hand with the shoes.  I was so stiff!!  We headed off to the meeting at 1:15pm.

After popping into Lidl on the way home for some food bits, I spent the rest of the day resting and watching YouTube videos (mostly Zoella and Miss Budget Beauty), before a dinner of Quorn spaghetti bolognese.

Now, as you know, I’m pretty ill.  This blog won’t shy away from that, but I am still a person, with other interests, so it won’t focus solely on my illnesses.  That said, there is no point pretending I’m always up and dressed.  I spend a lot of time in bed.  Like, a LOT.  So here is what I looked like before I dragged myself up, dosed up on painkillers and got dressed!  No makeup, unbrushed hair, PJs, feeling sorry for myself.  Welcome to the ME side of me, lol!


Here’s what I dragged on when I got dressed!

IMG_20150330_201009 IMG_20150330_201109 IMG_20150330_201125 IMG_20150330_201148

I got the checked lumberjack-style shirt from a charity shop (there is a seriously AMAZING one in town, it has some pretty decent stuff!) but the label says F&F.  I paired it with my new Primarni distressed jeans, as seen yesterday.  The pink quilted bag with gold hardware and chain strap was from Primark a few years back.  I love this bag as it is just the right size for a night out (haha… like I go on those anymore… but I used to!)

The sugar skull necklace was bought from a roller derby girl – she was having a clear out to fund new skates!  I love it.

The trainers are from New Look kids section last summer.  Little tip, they go up to size 7 (yep really!) and have some cute stuff.  As they are from the children’s section, they are much cheaper because there is no VAT added.  #lifehack  So these cost me about £8 I think.  After I had been wearing them a few weeks, I was completely in love – they are just so comfy.  I decided I never wanted to be without them, so went back and bought 2 more pairs.  I shall have these shoes foreverrrrrr! 😀

Anyway, off I go for more painkillers and rest #spooniestyle!  Night all.

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