New Barry M Sunset Nails Review: Gel-Like Nails at Home!

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Barry M are a ‘drugstore’ brand, ie very affordable and available in places like Boots and Superdrug.  They offer a wide range of cosmetics, but are best known and liked for their nail polishes.  It’s definitely something they do well!


Barry M Sunset Nails Range and Barry M Sunset Topcoat

Barry M Sunset Nails Range and Topcoat

Last month, Barry M released a new nail line called Sunset Nails.  These polishes claim to bring salon gels into the home, as the long-lasting nail colour’s formulation enables it to bond to the nail like a gel, without a base coat. The topcoat then sets and cures the nails without the need for a UV lamp.  You cannot use any other topcoat with the colours, as it will not work.


A key question I asked myself as a spoonie who spends a lot of time indoors, in bed… will they still cure if I don’t go outside?!  I googled this and found out that they also cure under artificial home lighting, so no worries there!

The coloured polishes come in seven shades, four of which I own, plus the specific topcoat.  The first colour I tried was this beautiful purpley-pink called Fuchsia Generation.

Barry M The Way you Make me Teal          Barry M Sunset Nails The Way You Make me Teal

It applied like a total dream (freshly applied in the above photo).  The wand is quite wide and splays perfectly to coat the whole nail in one swipe.  A lot of nail varnishes claim to do this but not many actually do so this is great!  The directions are to apply one thin coat of colour straight onto the nail (no need for a base coat as the formulation adheres directly to the nails like gel would), let it dry, apply a second thin coat, let it dry and then apply one layer of the topcoat.  Thankfully it dries really quickly so the whole process is pretty fast.  You get a tiny bit of transfer of the colour onto the topcoat brush but it doesn’t seem to cause any problems.  It dries with a really glossy sheen and does actually feel and look slightly like gel nails.

Barry M claim this polish will last up to ten days.  Emphasis on the ‘up to’!  I don’t know about you but I have yet to find a nail varnish which lasts anywhere near as long as it claims to.  Generally, they last a day or two unchipped on me, then start with slight wear or chipping at the ends.  After 3 to 4 days, it’s game over!  So the fact that the fuchsia polish actually lasted 5 to 6 days without any chipping really impressed me.  It might not be 10 days but I’ll take it!

Barry M Sunset Nails in Fuchsia Generation

Barry M Sunset Nails in Fuchsia Generation

This is just before I removed it at the 6 day point.  A lot of the wear at the end of the nails had only appeared that day.  Plus I’m often using my nails to open makeup, peel stickers off things etc, so they do get a bit of a bashing!

Fuchsia Generation and the Sunset Nails Topcoat were the only ones I bought at first, but I was so impressed with how well they lasted that I went back and bought ‘Can’t get you out of my red’ (classic bright red); ‘Peach for the stars’ (neon pinky peach); and ‘The way you make me teal’ (teal… obviously!)

Barry M Sunset Nails The Way You Make Me Teal and Topcoat

Barry M Sunset Nails The Way You Make Me Teal and Topcoat

I wondered whether all shades would wear as well so my next test subject was the teal colour.  Unfortunately, although it still applied extremely well and looked great, it didn’t wear as well and chipped much earlier than the Fuchsia one.


Barry M Sunset Nails in The Way You Make Me Teal

Barry M Sunset Nails in The Way You Make Me Teal


Above is the polish freshly applied.  It actually chipped the very next day, but that was because I had a flaky bit of nail and the polish just came off with it!  So I touched up the chip and gave it the benefit of the doubt.  Unfortunately by day three it was a lot more chipped and worn but not so bad that I had to remove it completely.  I just did another coat of the teal polish and a further topcoat.  On day 5 or 6 it’s still looking good so the rescue job seemed to work!


Persian Maine Coone Cat

Milo the Persian Maine Coone Cat!


Also, Milo The Cat approves… so it can’t be bad!

The polish comes in seven shades: Do It Like a Nude, Fuschia Generation, The Way You Make Me Teal, Can’t Get You Out of My Red, I’ve Been Pinkin’, Peach For the Stars and You Drive Me Navy.  Find them here.

RRP: £4.99 each (although Boots and Superdrug often do 3-for-2 on cosmetics if you want several shades).  You MUST get the matching topcoat for it to cure.

Will you be trying Sunset Nails?  Are you a gel nail lover who could potentially be tempted back to polish?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments box or follow me on social media!

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0 thoughts on “New Barry M Sunset Nails Review: Gel-Like Nails at Home!

  1. lolarocks says:

    I will indeed be giving this a try. I’m a massive fan of nails & Barry M so I’ll be sure to indulge next time I’m off to boots, tesco or super drug. I do have a gel nail kit including lamp etc that hubby bought me for Christmas but it’s quite a long winded process so I’ve never used it on myself, my 14 daughter has been my guinea pig for this several times. I’m tempted to see if she fancies an experiment of my gel (sensationail from boots) on one hand & Barry M on the other. I feel a blog post of my own coming on! Thanks for the review its definitely given me the incentive to go try it!

  2. Hana says:

    These colours are really lovely, but the only thing I would find irritating is using the specific top coat. Maybe that’s just me. Your nails look super pretty here, so maybe I’ll have to give it a go x

  3. Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

    Thanks glimmercosmo and iexpress – is it the fuchsia or teal you like?

    Lola, I used to have a gel set and lamp too but never got it quite right so I got rid of it. Definitely give these a go!

    Hana, I don’t mind using the topcoat but I suppose it’d be annoying if you were on a budget and had to buy both! I’d say give them a try though! X

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