Nails of the Day: Renunail Pomegranate & Unicorn Accent Nails!

Happy Friday everyone!

Today’s nails of the day are Renunail Pomegranate and silver unicorn stickers from She Sells Seashells as accent nails.  I have had the Renunail polish for quite a while and it’s one I usually use on my toenails as it’s so bright, but since it’s so warm and sunny here in the UK for once, I decided to brighten up my fingernails with it this time!


I bought the adorable little silver unicorn nail stickers a few months ago from She Sells Seashells, which is a UK based nail art supply shop selling all sorts of stickers, stencils, studs (and probably other things beginning with ‘s’ haha!)  What’s cool about these unicorn stickers is that you can use the stickers straight onto your nails, and then use the space it created on the original square as a stencil to paint a unicorn shape – double the use!  I also have them in pink.


The Renunail polish is also a nail strengthener, enriched with keratin.  My nails are naturally very weak, so it’s great to find a product which is both a coloured polish and a strengthener, rather than just the basic base coats.

Find the Renunail polish here and the unicorn nail stickers here.

(Little side note, I received the Renunail polish in a beauty box, so I was pretty surprised to see it is worth £14!!)

What are your summer go-to nail colours?  Let me know in the comments box or follow me on social media!

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