Nails of the Day // NOTD // Orly Rose Chrome and Ciate Caviar Ring a Rosy!

Happy Monday guys!  I hope you had a good weekend.

I’m back with my ‘becoming-a-tradition’ Monday nails of the day post!  I actually can’t for the life of me remember how, when or where I got this bottle of Ciate caviar pearls but I spotted them the other day and thought it was time I experimented with them.  They must have been a gift from a friend.  I remember reading that they don’t last on the nails very long, so I thought I’d just use them on my ring fingers.

Orly Rose Chrome Foil Nail Varnish and Ciate Caviar Ring a Rosy

Orly Rose Chrome Foil & Ciate Caviar Ring a Rosy

I teamed the caviar pearls with one of my absolute favourite nail polishes – this rose gold beauty is Orly Color Blast in Rose Chrome Foil.  Isn’t it pretty??

Orly Rose Chrome Foil and Ciate Caviar Ring a Rosy Orly Rose Chrome Foil and Ciate Caviar Ring a Rosy








I used two coats of the Orly (it’s so opaque that you can actually get away with one, but it’s nicer with two).  I topped it all with Revlon Diamond Top Coat, and applied the caviar pearls to the ring fingers whilst it was still wet.  As the top coat is all that sticks the pearls on, you have to be quite generous with it and apply them straight away before it dries.

The easiest way to use these is to hold your nails over a tray or container and just tip them straight over the wet nail.  Then you can just make a funnel out of a little piece of paper to pour the unused pearls back into the bottle.  One thing to remember is that they advise not to apply a top coat over them, as it breaks the pearls down a bit and the colours all merge together.

At the time of writing this post, I’m on day 2 of these nails and the pearls are actually all still attached, but I haven’t washed my hair yet and I hear that can knock a few off!

You can find the Orly here.  Unfortunately I can’t find Ciate Ring a Rosy anywhere to link for you, but there seem to be a few around on Ebay.  There are some other colours that are easier to get hold of though.

What do you think of these nails?  Have you ever tried caviar pearls?  Let me know in the comments!

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0 thoughts on “Nails of the Day // NOTD // Orly Rose Chrome and Ciate Caviar Ring a Rosy!

  1. thoughtfulpigeon says:

    These are really pretty, I think I need a plain rose gold sort if colour. It’s a pity they seem to have a lot of the caviars that are only available for a short time. I have a couple of caviars from a past advent calendar and was surprised how long they lasted, I think it was a few days before they started to come off and they still looked OK for a day or two after.

    • Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

      I absolutely adore this colour! I think it’s probably my fave nail varnish. Yeah I was surprised I couldn’t find anywhere selling this caviar online. It lasted me about 3 days and then most of them came off when I washed my hands etc x

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