Nails of the Day // NOTD // Lottie London Blogger Babe and Orly Rose Chrome Foil!

Ooooh I love these nails!!  I got the Orly Rose Chrome Foil nail varnish with a recent copy of Elle.  I don’t actually really read Elle magazine, but it was worth the £4 for this absolutely beautiful nail varnish!  It’s just so opaque, sparkly and pretty.

I decided to team it with Lottie London’s Blogger Babe nail polish, which I bought at the same time as Go On.  You can see my NOTD look with Go On here.


I applied two coats of Lottie London Blogger Babe (which wasn’t as good as the Go On shade – it definitely needed two coats to look opaque, and the formula was a little lumpy and took some messing about with to get smooth).

I then painted both ring fingers with the beautiful Orly Rose Chrome Foil (which I want to own forever… in fact I want everything I own to be this colour haha!)  Next, I took my very thin nail art brush and drew a horizontal line across each pinky nail, and a vertical line up each index finger nail.

_20151013_161327        _20151013_161407

Then I took a small dotting tool and did a horizontal dotted line across each middle finger nail, and a diagonal one across each thumb.  My hands are pretty shaky due to my ME, so I had to go pretty slowly.  The horizontal lines were much harder than the vertical ones for some reason!

_20151013_161342    _20151013_161242

I waited for the patterns to touch dry, then applied a layer of Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat.  Once that was touch dry, I spritzed on some Essence fast drying spray.

_20151013_161139       _20151013_161219

What do you think of this nail look?  Have you tried either of these polishes?  Let me know in the comments!

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