Nails of the Day (NOTD) // Cosmic Galaxy Nails!

As you guys know, I like to change my nails up a lot!  I absolutely love having gel manicures, but stopped having them a while ago as they were too expensive (as I’m on long-term sick leave).  Painting my nails is something I can do when I’m stuck in bed, and still feel like I’ve achieved something that day!

(Nail tools from the pound shop & Essence)

I recently bought some cheap nail tools (the pound shop has a surprising amount of tools and glitters!) and decided to experiment with them a little bit, leading to these cosmic galaxy nails!

_20151009_154614     _20151009_154430

A lot of different colours are needed to get the cosmic effect.  I used:

  • Grey silver glitter (The Pound Shop set of three colours)
  • Essence The Gel in Black is Back
  • Barry M Sunset Nails in The Way You Make Me Teal
  • Morgan Taylor in Bright Side
  • Essence Holo Shimmer in Pixie Dust
  • A simple white nail polish (mini).

_20151009_154527   _20151009_154457

I did one base coat of the Essence black nail polish.  It was the first time I had used this and it’s amazing!  It’s so opaque that you would only ever need one coat, and it covers really smoothly, looking lovely and glossy – very impressed!

I then dabbed my little sponge into the white polish and carefully pressed it against my nails to give the effect of tiny, far away stars.  Next, I repeated that step with a smaller amount of the Morgan Taylor purple polish.

Then, I used my dotting tool (smallest size) to do little teal dots in random patterns across the nail.  Leaving those 30 seconds or so to try, I then dabbed the Essence Holo Shimmer in random areas (not all over the nail) and sprinkled a tiny amount of the grey silver glitter over whilst it was still wet, to stick it to the nail.

Finally, I took the very thin Essence nail brush and drew little star burst shapes , one on each nail but in random places.  It was difficult to get them fine enough as I have quite shaky hands, but it ended up looking nice!  I waited for them to touch dry and then coated in a topcoat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine, then spritzed them with Essence Express Dry Spray (great if you’re someone that has no patience to wait for them to dry!)

_20151009_154551             _20151008_152114

Just as a side note, this is the first time I’ve ever used Essence nail polishes and they are great!  At only £1.60 each, available in Wilkos and on Asos, they are great quality for the price.

What do you think of the nails?  Have you ever tried any nail art?  Let me know in the comments or follow me on social media!

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0 thoughts on “Nails of the Day (NOTD) // Cosmic Galaxy Nails!

  1. thoughtfulpigeon says:

    Those look amazing. I love nail art and have Halloween ones at the moment but I want to give this a go after I remove them. I haven’t tried essence before, don’t think I’ve seen then anywhere but if I do see them I might get one.

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