My very first OOTD (outfit of the day)!

NOW…. let me preface this post with the statement that I am absolutely not a “fashionista”.  I don’t usually follow trends, my shape often doesn’t suit what’s in fashion and I basically just dress how I want to.  I quite often throw on all the random bits I want to wear that day, realise they don’t match, and then wear them anyway.  I’m not proud, it’s just what happens!  There’s a running joke between my husband and I that I often end up looking like a bag lady 😀

OOTD 280315

My OOTD is actually ALL from Primark (yep, even my bra lol!)  The tshirt is from the mens section, as I love the fit of the mens Small tees.  Much nicer than women’s large, as I prefer a looser, less form-fitting look.  It was £3.

The jeans are high-waist distressed skinny jeans and were around £13.  They are lovely and stretchy and comfy.  I’m totally not a jeans person, I generally wear dresses, but I’m branching out!  The shoes were mentioned in my Primark haul post earlier today and cost £6. I then paired them with frilly lace topped ankle socks (see first para – so NOT a fashionista, but these socks made me happy!)  I also wore my Primark flower headband which my husband informs me looks “slightly special”.  Haha!  If, like me, you struggle to get to the shops, then you won’t be able to buy this Primark flower garland, as annoyingly Primark still don’t do online shopping.  Annoying!  However there are a couple of similar ones on Amazon that are just as cheap and really cute.  Have a look at this one and this one!

Makeup is No7 Beautifully Matte foundation, MUA loose powder, MUA bronzer, No7 Damson blush, Eyeko felt eyeliner, an old (L’Oreal I think?) eyeshadow under the eyes, Primark False Lash Effect mascara (first use, pretty impressed!) and MUA lipstick in Persian Rose.  Despite the rain, I was feeling bright today!  It’s not often I make it out of bed, so I thought I’d take the chance to do an OOTD whilst I could!  Hope you like it.

DSC_1509  shoes makeup

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