Mini Primark Haul – 29 March 2015

As I mentioned in my La Tasca review yesterday, we had to pop into town to use some Tesco restaurant vouchers that were about to expire.  I used the chance (and a good health day) to pop into Primark as I wanted some travel bottles.  I wanted a little plastic tub as I’m planning to make my own lip scrub, and I knew Primark did a whole travel set for just £1.

Needless to say, it’s Primark, so I obviously didn’t leave with just the one thing I went in for!  I wanted to share with you what I picked up.

So firstly, here is the travel set.  For just ONE POUND, you get two standard bottles, a pump dispenser bottle, a small screw top tub and some little sticky labels so you know what is what (genius move Primark – how often have you tried to condition your hair with moisturiser??  Just me?!)  The tops are also pink.  Winner.  Although I think they also had white available.  If you are unable to physically get to the shops then obviously you won’t be able to access these (as stupid Primark don’t do online shopping!) but there are similar ones on Amazon here.


I also grabbed a nice nudey-taupe nail varnish (no identifying name or number annoyingly) for £1.  I will let you know how it applies once I’ve tested it.  I grabbed a nail correction pen too (again, £1) – this will be really useful as I often make mistakes as my hands shake a lot!  This is a lot cheaper than most I have seen on the market.


I spotted these cute little glass tealight holders near the till (where they put all the little cute bits to tempt you whilst you’re stuck in the queue, sneaky!).  They already include a tealight each and were reduced to £1.  Lovely!


I also grabbed three tops.  Now I’ll be honest… all of these were from the “Love to Lounge” nightwear seciton.  But I am going to wear them as “real” clothes.  I’m quite a casual dresser anyway, but I think they’ll be fine.  Like I’ve set before, no fashionista over here!!  The grey tee will just be worn casually with jeans (£4).  I thought the navy top (£4) would be nice with a long gold or bronze pendant necklace and jeans (it is darker navy than it looks in the photo, and has lovely lace detailing on the sleeves).  The slouchy Unicorn Fan Club sweater is just amazing.  That is all!  I have been wearing that around the house with PJ bottoms and probably wouldn’t wear it “out, out” but probably round to a friend’s house.  That one was £6 very well spent!

IMG_20150329_180901 IMG_20150329_180920 IMG_20150329_180938

I thought my hubby looked cute so I did a little OOTD picture of him.  His leather jacket is from Next One, his grey scarf is from H&M and his jeans are from Matalan.  There we go – bless! 😀


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