Make Up Academy (MUA) Glitter Ball Eyeshadow Palette – Review and Makeup Look!

If you read this post, you will know that I recently picked up a new palette from MUA – their Glitter Ball Eyeshadow Palette. IMG_20150501_191304 It contains 12 eyeshadows, all with a very sparkly finish.  MUA say, “a spectacular collection of eyeshadows that will add sparkle to your eyes for ultimate impact”.  As with all MUA eyeshadows I’ve ever tried, these have great pigmentation and are lovely and buttery-smooth to the touch.  They apply easily and due to the good pigmentation, a little goes a long way. The palette covers a decent enough spectrum of colours, from a few light and pastel shades, to metallics, a couple of blues, greens and purples and a nice dark smoky black.  It also includes a double ended sponge applicator brush.  There is no mirror in the lid but that’s fine with me as I would rarely use that anyway.  I like being able to see through the clear plastic lid to see the colours – it makes it easier to find what I’m looking for! muastore_glitter-ball_2 I decided to put together an eye look with some of the shadows from this palette.  Now I’ll be totally honest and say I wasn’t actually very keen on the finished look… I decided to be a bit experimental with my colours but I don’t think they actually went too well together.  Nothing to do with the palette, it was all down to my colour choices!  But hey, if you don’t experiment, you never know!  Funnily enough, the day after I did this look, famous YouTuber and cosmetics producer Makeup Geek uploaded a YouTube video of a really similar colourway eye look called ‘Fire and Ice‘.  It made me laugh as I hadn’t been keen on the colours together but obviously I was onto something! IMG_20150511_180011            IMG_20150511_175909 I took Inferno (bronze) all over the lid and added the slightly darker Hustle into the crease and outer corners.  I lined my lower lash line with the bright greeny shadow, Vibe.  Finally, I added a slightly lighter blue (Freak) on the inner corners of my eye.  I finished off with my usual one coat of Primark Volumising Mascara and one coat of Primark False Lash Mascara. IMG_20150511_175552          IMG_20150511_175454         IMG_20150511_180308 I finished off the look, probably ill-advisedly, with yet more colour!!  I decided to give ombre lips a go, using a mid-toned pink all over the lips (I can’t remember which now, but any mid-pink will be fine).  I then dabbed dark purple lipstick into the inner edge of my lips.  I used a Sleek lipstick for this but really didn’t like it (bad texture and application) so in future I would use my MAC Up The Amp or MAC Heroine. IMG_20150511_175738 Not an eye look I will be recreating in future but it’s nice to have a play around once in a while and try new things! There are certainly many, many more looks I can create from this palette, so I will post any further ones I try.

Have you tried any new makeup looks lately?  What do you think of bright eyeshadow or ombre lips?  Let me know in the comments!

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