How to Extend Your Gel Manicure Quickly and Easily!

Bonjour! I was lucky enough to receive a voucher for a manicure for my birthday in May.  I went for it recently and got this gorgeous gel mani.  Because I was using nail oil, my nails grew really quickly and the manicure quickly had those tell-tale gaps between my cuticles and the start of the gel polish… which obviously doesn’t look great!

How to extend a gel manicure quickly and easily

I decided to have a go at extending my mani, partly because the salon couldn’t fit me in for a little while, and partly because I just wanted my nails to last a little longer.  Luckily, I had an almost identical coral-orange nail varnish at home.  I filled in the gap with the coloured nail varnish.  

Whilst the varnish was still slightly wet, I took my Eye Kandy glitter in Candy Coin on a tiny makeup brush, and applied it over the area.  Once it had dried, I applied a layer of glossy top coat over the whole nail, to seal the glitter in and refresh the shine.

Eye Kandy Glitter in Candy Coin

Eye Kandy Glitter in Candy Coin

As you can see, I made a bit of a mess with the glitter on my cushion – everything is now slightly shimmery in the room, haha!  I was really pleased with how the nails came out, after only 5 or 10 minutes of attention.  It was pretty effortless and didn’t really require any skill!  

The colour of my glitter is slightly different to the existing rose gold, but it’s only obvious with close scrutiny.  Not many people spend time staring at my nails, so that’s fine by me!

How to extend a gel manicure quickly and easily

Hopefully this little beauty hack will keep my nails looking nice until I get the gel removed later this week!

What do you think of my nail refresh?  Do you ever extend or change up your gel manicures at home?  Let me know in the comments box or follow me on social media!

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