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5 Fun Hairstyles for the Winter Holidays!

Hey guys!  Are you ready for Christmas?  Only 5 days to go!  Presents wrapped?  Turkey defrosted?  I hope so, but if not then sorry for stressing you haha!  I’ve been feeling very festive since November, so I can’t wait for Christmas, to spend some time with my family.  I’ve got the perfect beauty post for the holiday break, today!  The lovely Miranda from Flat Iron Pro is guest blogging for me, and showing us how to create 5 fun hairstyles for the winter holidays!  All of them are beautiful, but fairly simple to create yourself.  

There are plenty of great ideas for your Christmas Day up-do, or pretty night out curls!  Miranda has ten years of experience, so hopefully she can pass a few of her trade secrets on to us!  Over to Miranda!

About Miranda

Hi guys.  My name is Miranda, and I am a professional hairstylist based in New York.  I have been in the fashion industry for the past 10 years and have been graced to work with the some of the top ranking professionals in the field.  For the latest information on hair products, styling tips and more, check out my site for the latest fashion news.

You can have all the fun that you want with your hair this winter, as we have got some fun hairstyles that you can try at home.  So get ready to have a fabulous winter!

5 Fun Hairstyles – Winter Holiday Ideas

Winter has arrived, and it is time for some fun in the holidays.  There are going to be get-togethers and events that you’re going to attend, so why not look your best? Here are some fun hairstyles that you can experiment with to have superb looks this winter season for the holidays!

Soft Curls

How to Do Soft Curls Curled Hair 5 Fun Christmas Hairstyles Hairstyle Ideas Easy Hair Tutorials

Softly Curled Hair

Soft curls are ideal and easy to do.  All you have to do is get a curling iron, and you’re ready to go.  Make sections of your hair and turn by turn curl them with the help of the iron.  This process will take a little time, but the results are fabulous!  Not only is this look very in vogue this season but it is a style that suits everybody.

The High Ponytail

One look that never goes out of style is a high ponytail.  It is simple and also very fashionable.  You can add a fun factor by putting rubber bands at small segments in the ponytail so that it looks like a braid.

How to Do A High Ponytail 5 Fun Christmas Hairstyles Hairstyle Ideas Easy Hair Tutorials

High Ponytail Hairstyle

Another fun thing that you can do is straighten your hair before making a high ponytail as it will define the hair, and the style will look so chic.  The pony should be tightly tied so that it gives a neat look.  You can also wrap the elastic bands with strands of hair to give it an even better look.

The Crown Braid

The crown braid is a stylish hairdo that is easy to make as well.  It will never go out of style and looks just fantastic!  All you need to do is start braiding at one side of your head in the front and then go towards the other side.

How to Do A Crown Braid 5 Fun Christmas Hairstyles Hairstyle Ideas Easy Hair Tutorials

Crown Braid Hairstyle

The crown gives a very majestic look.   You can either leave the hair at the back loose or tie it into a bun. Both the looks are perfect for the season.


A chignon is always a fashionable hairstyle.  To accentuate the look, one can use bobby pins or other hair accessories that will add to the oomph factor!  A chignon gives a look of full volume to the hair, and it is one such hairstyle that never goes out of fashion.

How to Do A Chignon 5 Fun Christmas Hairstyles Hairstyle Ideas Easy Hair Tutorials

Chignon Hairstyle

There are two ways of making a chignon: a low ponytail can be made into a chignon or a medium high pony.  Both give a great look, and you can go for either and see which suits you the most.

The Half Bun

How to Do A Half Bun 5 Fun Christmas Hairstyles Hairstyle Ideas Easy Hair Tutorials

Half Bun Hairstyle

This is a look with which you can experiment all you want.  You can take half your hair and make a messy bun with it.  A tight bun is also an option, as it gives a great look with curls as well.  You can make soft curls or waves with the remaining loose hair.  This look is perfect for all occasions, whether formal or casual.


There are so many accessories that can give your hair a whole new look.  There are umpteen options to choose from like hair bands, tiaras, bobby pins, brooches, etc.

A simple hairdo can transform into a great look just by adding these accessories!  You can add a brooch to a side bun, a hairband, to a chignon, a tiara, a ponytail or even in soft curls.

Bobby pins are also a great accessory to use on your hair.  You can add lovely colors and embellished ones to your hairdo at the side, for a chic look.

Ribbons are another excellent accessory that can add extra style to your hairdo.  You can tie a ribbon like a hairband or like a bow on half-tied hair.  Both the looks are amazingly simple to achieve, yet will give you an entirely different look!

So this season, you have all the reasons to have a great holiday time with these 5 fun hairstyles that are easy to achieve at home. Happy styling and happy holidays to you!

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