Debenhams Debut // Rose Glitter Court Shoes!

Hi peeps!

This is going to be a super short blog post, but I really want to share these beauties with you!  My mum-in-law very kindly bought me some dresses and these shoes for various upcoming family events (a wedding etc).  A couple of the dresses are pink with floral patterns, so I ordered some lovely Babycham printed kitten heels which went nicely with them.  Sadly when they arrived, the 6 was too small and the 7 too large so I had to go on the hunt for something else.  That’s when these sparklers showed up on the Debenhams website!


Now I am terrible with heels!  I’m not that steady on them and I don’t like my feet hurting on top of everything else that hurts with my fibromyalgia.  However these are just so beautiful that I thought I’d order them and see what they felt like.  They are on the smaller side, but not too tight.  Strangely, they feel really secure and comfortable to walk in.  They have a small platform at the front, which makes the 3.5in heel feel smaller.  As I can’t stand for long or walk far anyway (due to ME), I will mostly be sitting down, so my feet may as well look pretty whilst I’m doing it, hehe!


Aren’t they just beautiful?  You can still find them here, if you love them as much as I do!

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0 thoughts on “Debenhams Debut // Rose Glitter Court Shoes!

  1. Jaq says:

    They’re very pretty, but wedges are the way to go if you want to do heels and want to stay on your feet. I have a really badly damaged knee and heels generally are a no-no. Stick me in a pair of wedges and it’s not a problem, especially if they’re Mel wedges, which are rubber and so comfortable.

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