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If you’d like to contact me, I’d love to hear from you!  I am PR and press friendly.   Email Text.png Email is the fastest way to contact me, as I check and respond frequently.  Email me at: If you prefer, you can leave a comment below and I will respond to you as soon as I can!


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I am happy to work with brands and I am always open to suggestions, ideas and trying something new!  However if you are a brand or PR, here are some quick FAQs to save you some time!
  1. I will only accept products to review that are relevant to my blog or reflect mine and my readers’ interests.  I do not narrow my scope to just beauty and chronic illness, but I do want all my content to be of genuine interest to my readers.  If you’re unsure if I would be interested in your product, feel free to ask!
  2. Products sent for review will not be returned if I cannot get on with them (for example a reaction, or a faulty product), unless the postage is covered by you.
  3. Products sent to me for review will not be subject to a specified deadline unless agreed before the product is sent to me.  Saying that, I do appreciate that brands would often like a quick turnaround with reviews, and that is something I completely understand.  I will always do my best to agree the quickest turnaround I can manage, and take deadlines seriously.
  4. All products/reviews that I post on this site are completely honest and unbiased – anything less than total honesty is a waste of everyone’s time! If I have been given a product free of charge, I will make this clear in my blog post; but my opinions will remain unbiased and honest.
  5. I will only write sponsored posts if I like the brand or product I am writing about.  All sponsored posts will of course be marked AD or Sponsored in the title and again in the body of the post. Despite being sponsored, all views in these posts will still be my own.
  6. I do not wish to post pre-written content, as that is not the direction I want my blog to take.  I will always retain creative control over what I post, to maintain integrity.
  7.  I generally do not offer free guest posts, although I will consider offers to guest blog from other blogs which are relevant to my own, or as part of a collaboration.
  8. On occasion, I may use Amazon affiliate links on this blog.  You are under no obligation whatsoever to click on them.  Clicking these links will not cost you anything extra but will help me in a tiny way to support the running costs of my blog. 

4 thoughts on “Contact Me / Disclaimer

  1. Alicia Folsom says:

    Hi! I make skin products for fellow sufferers! I love to penpal, and send care packages, Have a look at my shop if you’re interested.
    I have had chronic illness for 4 years now and I’m determined to make the best of it.
    Hope you’re having a low-pain, lovely day!

  2. Melinda says:

    Hi Katie,
    I posted here already,but didn’t see if it took or not. Anyways,I love your site,and hopefully we can share what we have been through,and going through. I love reading posts from like-minded people,and those who are afflicted by actually having these diseases,or know someone who does. At 54,I guess adding one more thing to my plate is just a fact of life. And I am managing okay. I love your enthusiasm about it all. keep feeling pretty,even though these/this disease makes us feel shitty! Lol! Be continually optimistic!

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