You Beauty Subscription Box – August 2015: Review and Unboxing!

Hi guys

This month’s box is now my fourth You Beauty subscription box.  Like my previous reviews, I won’t go into too much detail about the subscription and how it all works, but everything can be found in my March post.


I didn’t enjoy this month’s box as much as I normally do, only because I won’t use one of the items and I’m not sure if I can use the book.  But at just £6.95 including postage, I really don’t mind.  Even the two items I will definitely use are worth more than that anyway, and I will happily give the other things away to friends.

Here’s what I got this month:

TREsemme – Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shots (x3)


This is the first of the two items I chose to receive this month.  These intensive hair treatments strengthen and fortify your hair for intensive nourishment.  It claims to leave your hair looking smooth, healthy and stronger.  They are formulated with a renewing complex, deep conditioning your hair to provide strength and moisture.

To use them, you shampoo as normal, massage the treatment into your hair from middle to the tips (avoiding the roots) and then rinse after 60 seconds.  The treatments can be used once a week or whenever your hair needs repair.

I haven’t had chance to try these out yet, but I always enjoy using hair treatments as they seem to make a real difference.

Value: £4.47 (£1.49 each)

Ole Henriksen – Truth Serum Collagen Booster


This is the second item I chose to receive.  It is a face serum to be used as part of your morning skincare routine.  Formulated with a high-powered vitamin C complex to help smooth out lines and wrinkles, whilst preventing further damage, this serum also contains anti-oxidants to fight off environmental factors.  The serum also contains orange and green tea extracts.

The serum smells really good…. like an orange ice lolly!!  It has an almost gel-like texture and feels a little oily at first, but absorbs into the skin really nicely, leaving no shine or residue. This makes it a perfect daytime serum, as I hate the ones that leave an oily sheen under your makeup!

Obviously I can’t comment on how well it works until I’ve used it for at least a month or so, but my initial impression is really positive.  I would definitely consider buying this, but want to see how long this 15ml lasts first, as this size is a reasonable £15, whereas the 50ml size is around £50!

Value: £15 for 15ml

SiennaX – Gradual Glowing Self Tan


This was one of the ‘extra treats’, which I did not choose myself.  It is a 15ml sachet of gradual self tan, which develops within 6-8 hours.  It is described as an ‘anti-cellulite formulation’ and contains Aloe Vera, almond oil and cocoa butter.  It is also paraben and cruelty free!  I assume this sachet is enough to do your body once (or perhaps just arms and legs).

I am really not a self-tanner… I have embraced my paleness!  So I won’t be using it, but passing it onto a friend who will.

Value: £12.95 for 200ml (we received 15ml)

The Mortal Instruments 1: City of Bones – Sample Book


This was the second ‘extra treat’.  It is the first 60-odd pages of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series.  The book is about vampires and werewolves in New York.  The female lead character encounters the dark side of New York City, and the dangers of forbidden love.

I have vaguely heard of this series but have never read any of it.  I will probably give this a try if I can comfortably read it.  I struggle with hand pain from my ME/Fibro and this is a very small book, so I will see what I think and then buy it on the Kindle if I like it enough.  It’s an interesting concept having a book excerpt in a subscription box, but I don’t think I would want to receive these too often.

Value: from £3.80

This box has been hit and miss for me, but that will always be the case in a box where you don’t choose everything.  They could never please everyone, every month, and I appreciate that a lot of people would be pleased to receive self tan.  As I always say, it’s still a good deal for the two items I chose – costing around £19.50!!  Considering I paid under £7, I am still really pleased.

What do you think of this month’s box?  Have you tried any of the products?  Are you a tan-a-holic?  Let me know in the comments box or follow me on social media – Twitter and Facebook.

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