Love Me Beauty Box April 2015 – Unboxing & Review!


Love Me Beauty is a monthly beauty subscription box (and we know how much I love those!)  It describes itself as the “fastest growing beauty revolution”.  On signing up to the site, you complete a fairly detailed beauty profile, including things like your hair and eye colour, skin type and beauty concerns (anti-ageing, blemishes etc).  After you have completed your details, it processes what you have said and then makes suggestions which are supposedly based on your answers.  Now I say supposedly as it didn’t seem at all accurate for me.  I indicated that I do not fake tan and that I have dark hair.  The “tailored recommendations” suggested that I might like several fake tanning products, and haircare for blonde hair!  Hmmm…

Despite the initial teething problems, I realised that this didn’t really matter.  All the “personalised” bit does is take a selection of that month’s available products which you may like.  You can just ignore it and browse the full “boutique” of available items, which is what I did.

You are automatically given 6 credits per month for your basic subscription price of £10 plus P&P.  Items are generally either 1 or 2 credits, depending on their value.  The best aspect of this box is the flexibility – you can actually select as many products as you want and you will simply be charged more for the box.  I don’t know how much, as I stuck to my available credits, but thought this was useful if there were too many products to choose from!  Once you have chosen your items, they are delivered to you within 3 – 5 days.

I have only looked at the selections over a two month period (last month out of interest, and the actual box I chose this month).  From what I have seen, there is a good selection of cosmetics, nail polish, skincare and hair care. The items arrived in a great quality grey-silver box, within a nice cloth pouch (which could be reused to take jewellery on trips or something).

Here are my selections for April 2015:

Nails Inc Nail Polish – Bruton Lane (full size – 1 credit)

IMG_20150422_172721 IMG_20150422_172735

The ever-present Nails Inc!  I have so many of their nail polishes but I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought one.  They are very frequently offered as free gifts with magazines, Diet Coke and beauty boxes!  This is a new shade – Bruton Lane.  It is a nice “peaches and cream” colour, opaque within two coats.  (I also got a purple shade as I had a code for an extra credit, but I think this will be given away as a gift so I won’t be reviewing it).  This isn’t the best picture as I quickly dashed it on over some old gel nails, but it was a lovely thick, even texture and dried reasonably quickly.  Available here.

IMG_20150422_182110 IMG_20150422_172750

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer in Medium/Deep (Travel Size – 2 credits)

This is a bit of a cult product on YouTube and beauty blogs.  I have heard it mentioned quite a lot so was pleased to get my hands on one to try.  I have only swatched it so far, but despite being described as “medium/deep”, it doesn’t look too scary!  It looks like it will be nice and buildable, and due to it being matte, it may be good for contouring.  It also smells gorgeous – actually sweet and chocolatey, yum!  Find it here.


Model Co Illusion Lip Liner in Nude (Full size – 1 credit)

I chose this product as I’ve been building a bit of a lip liner collection recently.  I realised it really does help your lipstick last and look better, and also helps with the new trend for overdrawing lips.  I have quite a few pink, red and purple shades but no nudes.  This shade looks quite dark brown in the pencil, but is a very natural, wearable colour on the lips.  It has a nice texture and is easy to use.  It also comes with a sharpener in the lid, which is always useful.  I’m not a fan of the packaging, but that’s just a personal thing.  I always think white packaging can look a bit cheap (Tesco Value, right?)  You can find it on their website, here.  PS, how apt is the quote that came in the box?  I will be sticking this up in my dressing room!


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (Travel Size – 2 credits)


Another product that is doing the beauty blogger/YouTube rounds!  I was excited to try this to see if it held up to the hype.  I mean better than sex?  That’s a pretty bold claim…!  Speaking of bold claims – the box it comes in is full of them!  “100% saw dramatic volume”; “90% saw a dramatic look with one coat” etc.  Now.  I would say it was definitely lengthening and volumising, and did only need two coats to look pretty full-on.  However there were two down sides for me.

1)  The brush shape… Too Faced claim their hourglass shaped wand was designed after “discovering the bust-waist-hip ratio of an iconic silver-screen Blonde Bombshell held the secret to the perfect brush”…. hmmm.  I disagree.  The strangely shaped wand is actually quite awkward to use and resulted in me getting mascara on my face a few times.  I think they liked the way that claim sounded but that it doesn’t actually translate to real life!

2)  It flaked.  I have heard a lot of people complain of flaking mascara but have never experienced it myself, until now.  To be fair to the product, I had been rubbing my eyes as I had a migraine.  But still, it did flake a lot.  From a fairly expensive brand, I would expect a slightly better formula.

I know that all sounds quite negative, but I do actually like the mascara and I’m sure I’ll get used to using the wand.  I will definitely continue to use it until it’s finished.  If you want to see what the hype is about, find it here.

Overall, I was really pleased with the Love Me Beauty April 2015 box and felt it provided very good value for money.

If this has peaked your interest, you can find out more or subscribe here.

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