Lip Monthly Subscription – Review and Unboxing – Plus Discount!

Happy Monday (or maybe not… nobody likes Mondays much, do they?)

I’m bringing you a review of a brand new subscription to me – Lip Monthly!  Given that my favourite makeup is always some form of lip product, this seemed perfect for me.  Lip Monthly is an US subscription service, but we can get it here in the UK.  It is very similar to the beauty boxes I usually review, apart from that it is almost solely lip products.


You can choose from several plans – a one month subscription for $12.95 a month, which you can cancel whenever you want to; a four month subscription for a one-off payment of $38.95 or an annual subscription for a one-off payment of $129.95.  If you live in the USA, postage is free.  If you’re in the UK, it is an extra $5, which is fairly reasonable.

Lip Monthly claim that ‘every month their experts travel across the country to find the best products, so that you don’t have to’.  Each month, you will receive a curated bag filled with lip products – from lipsticks to glosses, balms and stains.  You also receive a card detailing the products and their usual prices.  I also received one non-lip product – I don’t know if this is always the case or whether it’s a one-off.

My parcel arrived in a really cute gold bubble envelope.  Inside was a pink and white zipped makeup bag.


Mica Beauty Cosmetics – Tinted Lip Balm in ‘9 Velvet Rose’

_20150727_152156       _20150727_152217

I haven’t heard of this brand before.  This is a little pot of tinted lip balm in a pretty, raspberry shade.  It is worth $14.95.  It has no real scent, and is nice and soothing – I thought it might be a bit greasy like Vaseline but it’s not.  It has really good pigmentation for a tinted lip balm – a really nice option instead of lipstick, if your lips are feeling a bit dry.  I will probably use this more in the winter, due to its colour and hydrating formula.

MMU – Harvey Prince Mini Fragrance Roller


Another brand I have never heard of.  The actual packaging doesn’t hold much information either.  The actual glass bottle says the name of the perfume is Sincerely – bit strange that it isn’t on the outer packaging.  The actual bottle itself is great – it’s a little rollerball with a screw top lid.  This would be really useful for carrying around in your bag or for travelling with.

After a little research, I’ve found out that the perfume is a blend of Indian tuberose, cyclamen and Spanish mandarin.  I’m really not sure about the scent… in the bottle, I really dislike it.  I tried a bit on my wrist and it does smell slightly better after a few minutes, but it’s quite a heavy floral scent – not my usual taste.  I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll keep this or give it to someone who likes the scent more.  Apparently this would be $55 full size.  Our rollerball is $21.

Lord & Berry Crayon Lipstick in Fire

_20150727_152248        _20150727_152312

I have received Lord & Berry products in subscription boxes before and have usually really liked them.  This is a glossy lipstick in crayon form, which makes it quite easy to apply, as the tip is smaller than a standard lipstick.  It looks like a classic bright red in the tube, but actually comes out as a very orange-red when swatching.  I really like this colour; it’s a good way of wearing red in the summer months.  The formula is lovely and creamy, with a glossy finish, so it’s very comfortable on the lips.  Much less drying than the matte crayons.  It says it is worth $19, and I have found it at £10 on UK sites (such as ASOS).

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in ’04 Violet Addict’

_20150727_152329         _20150727_152351

This is my favourite product from the bag, by far!  I was so excited when I saw it, and knew I’d love it before I even opened it.  I adore purple lip products and have actually seen this Milani one online before and wished I had it!  This is a gorgeous pinky-purple creamy liquid lipstick worth $6.49.  It applies like a dream and feels really smooth and creamy.  It leaves a slight shine but isn’t overly glossy.  I don’t know how it does it, but this leaves my lips looking so much fuller!

This is a full-sized product.  I absolutely love this one and it makes the whole bag worthwhile, as it is really hard to get hold of Milani products in the UK (apart from on Amazon for three times the actual price!)

Overall, I really enjoyed my first Lip Monthly bag.  As I mentioned, I’m not too keen on the perfume, but that is always a personal thing.  I’m sure some people will really like it.  I loved all the lip products and will get use from every single one.  I am going to keep my subscription going for now, to see how it is over several months.  I love getting to try American brands that I hear a lot about on YouTube, so I hope there are going to be more American drug store brand products in future bags.  The card insert says the full value of the bag was $61.44.

First Bag in August for Just $5!

At the moment, Lip Monthly are offering a discount if you subscribe for your first bag in August.  Just go to their website and enter the code LIPLOVER to get your August bag for $5 (plus shipping if you’re in the UK).

If you sign up using this link, I will get a free bag, which would be amazing!  But there is absolutely no requirement to use my link – if you prefer, you can just google their website and go there directly.  I am in no way sponsored or compensated by Lip Monthly, it’s just a standard friends referral scheme that they offer.  If you sign up, you will receive a similar link which you can then share with your friends.

Have you ever had the Lip Monthly subscription?  What do you think of the idea of a more specific subscription box?  Let me know in the comments or follow me on social media!

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