Lip Monthly - Are The Rumours True? Lip Monthly Speak out!

Lip Monthly Rumours – LM Finally Speak Out!

Hi guys!  This is a follow-on post from one I wrote a few days ago, about all the Lip Monthly rumours.  If you haven’t already read that one, this won’t make much sense, so have a quick read and I’ll wait here for you!  As I mentioned in that post, Lip Monthly subscription service is often discussed on beauty groups and in the makeup-loving world!  I subscribed to them for around six months and personally had NO issues whatsoever, but my interest was peaked by all the stories I was hearing, so I decided to do some digging. Lip MonthlyRumours  - Are The Rumours True? Lip Monthly Speak out!

In response to my previous post, a few people commented with their own personal experiences with Lip Monthly.  Rather than reproduce them here, just click into my initial post and scroll down to the comments at the bottom to see what has been said. After my previous post was published, Lip Monthly got in contact with me by email to discuss the content.  Their email was very friendly, reasonable and in no way confrontational.  They wanted to tell me some of the reasons behind what has been happening, and were happy for me to share this information publicly.  Rather than paraphrase everything they said, I am going to paste the majority of the email below:

Lip Monthly’s Email to Me

[Copy of email, only emphasis of important parts added:

Billing Issues

 We did have a few billing issues about 6-7 months ago as we were implementing a billing strategy similar to Ipsy and Birchbox – whereby monthly subscribers are not actually billed when they sign up – they are instead billed on the 1st of the month in which they will be receiving their bag. For example – if you joined on March 18th, you would not be billed until April 1st and would thus receive your 1st bag in April. We initially had it set up so that people would be billed up front for their 1st bag and then we billed around the 20th of the next month – thus giving enough time for people to receive their 1st bag.
However since we ship internationally – that posed some issues – since some of our customers don’t receive their bag for 2-3 weeks after they ship given that they may be located in say Israel or Spain. For the last 4-5 months – billing has been fine and it’s incredibly straight forward – sign up in a month, get billed the 1st of the following month. If customer payment does not come in until say the 12th of that month (meaning we tried to collect payment for 12 consecutive days) – it had originally become more difficult to track that since we send our customer list around the 8th of the month. We now have sorted that out so everyone who pays in that month will receive their bag. 
Also – some of these subscribers may be 4 month or annual subscribers. They may not be aware that their subscription renews automatically. If it does renew after the 4th month – we can provide a refund and cancel the subscription – however it MUST be before their 1st bag gets sent out in that subscription. So if it is a 4 month subscription – they need to email us before the 1st bag in that 4 month subscription is sent out. It’s standard practice and we definitely want to accommodate if they do email us. I will say that we were initially not lenient on this policy and have decided that it is in the best interest to implement – we want our customers to be satisfied so we changed this in the past week or so. 

Missing Bags/Months

Regarding this – its quite simple – if a customer has not received their bag – we’ll either send a replacement or we’ll refund. Now – we need to be discretionary according to the tracking information that is verified. If a customer has emailed us 2 months in a row saying their bag hasn’t arrived even though tracking information shows it has been delivered – we can’t continue to send a replacement bag as clearly on their end something is happening since the bag isn’t delivering even though tracking is saying it has. We dont control tracking – USPS/DHL does. However – if the customer hasn’t received their bag – its a simple policy – we refund or replace. You can even share with your readers that if they’ve had an issue – please email us and we’ll do just that – assuming they haven’t yet. In the past few weeks customers may have just been receiving an automated response which you’ll see below is what we’ve had to resolve.

Bad Customer Service

We take complete responsibility for this. We’ve tripled our subscriber base in the past 6 months and we’ve really grown quickly – and ultimately our customer service team didn’t grow in proportion to that rapid growth. In the past 2 weeks – we’ve hired 6 customer service agents to reply to emails mainly as well as dedicated social media agents who will respond to all queries on social media.
We’re not trying to block or delete people who have negative feedback – as a company we’re aware we can learn from criticism. There may have been a few issues where a customer was using explicit language due to the frustration of maybe not being responded to – however going forward that just won’t be an issue. Our customer service has been completely revamped.
We had an issue in the past few weeks where our main customer service rep stopped responding to emails and was ultimately sending out templates emails to every single customer – not addressing their question but rather saying that we had not been receiving the email. It was a terribly difficult situation which is what led to a week of people not being replied to promptly. We also had an agent log in to our twitter and email and send some very inaccurate, falsified statements.
We take full responsibility – which is why we hired a full team of 6 agents ready to personally respond. Our main priority is making sure people are not just responded to – but actually feel like they’ve been taken care of. This is something that won’t be really realized on social media for a few months – when people actually experience the drastic improvement in customer service that I am promising.

Discontinued Products

This is quite the inaccurate, false claim that we sometimes see from people. In the 1st month that we sent out a bag in July 2014 – we sent out a discontinued product. We receive a ton of feedback then and since that date – we have not included 1 discontinued item. This is very important. I really want to stress that this has kind of haunted us a bit since then – because to this day we have not included a discontinued product and we work DIRECTLY with our brands to deliver new and high quality items. Sure – we may include some value brands that you mentioned such as NYC or Milani – however they are certainly not discontinued.
We also include lots of high quality brands with some of our items retailing for $25+ – and we do so quite often. Brands like So Susan, Elizabeth Mott, Jelly Pong Pong, Cargo, Pixi, Hikari, Be a Bombshell – those brands are brands we like to include. We’re only increasing our brand reach as well as we continue to grow.
We definitely appreciate the blog post – I hope my email has shed some light on the issues you mentioned in your blog. I hope maybe you’ll share some of this information with your following as we really want to be honest and show how much we care about our customers. We’re going to be improving A LOT in the next few months with a complete website revamp.
We’ll be implementing a feature where subscribers can customize certain product colors. They’ll be able to log into their account – choose a product and ultimately select from a choice of 3 colors for that product. We won’t tell the customer what brand each item will be – we’ll just state that it is for example a Lip Gloss and to choose the color. If there is a high demand for one color and it runs out – subscribers will then choose from the 2 remaining colors. It’s an incredible change for Lip Monthly and we’ll start off allowing subscribers to customize 1-2 products to eventually being able to customize all 4-5 products.
We’ll also be including a cool giveaway page where subscribers can enter giveaways on a monthly basis through Instagram. In addition a loyalty program where customers will be awarded points based on length of stay. For example – if a customer stays for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months – they’ll be rewarded increasingly larger awards to show our appreciation. 
We’re really looking to improve our reputation as a whole going forward as we continue to grow – we definitely understand there is some negative exposure out there due to customer service however that is something that is completely overhauled going forward with a much larger team. We’re also going to be dedicating either May or June to a customer appreciation month and will be including an extra item for all of our subscribers – we feel its an important way to show how much we value our subscribers.]

Lip Monthly Rumours Are They True - Customer Issues and their Response

Summary of Response to Lip Monthly Rumours

I apologise for your sore eyes, I know that was a lot to read but as it’s the first time Lip Monthly have directly responded to all the allegations, I thought it was important to put it all out there for you guys to read!  I’m personally really impressed that they have decided to be honest about the mistakes and bad moves they have made.  No – it doesn’t change or make up for it to those who have lost money… but, it’s a start!  If they keep their promises, I can see things really looking up for them – and their customers.

I think employing six new customer service staff is a much-needed move, and I really hope that current and future Lip Monthly subscribers start seeing a difference straight away!  If you have any outstanding issues with Lip Monthly, or have not received a bag, make sure you take them up on their invite to contact them and get it sorted out!  If you’ve already done this, I would suggest re-contacting them, as of course if their previous agent wasn’t dealing with things properly, there may not be a clear record of your email.

If you made it to the end of this post, gold star to you, haha!  I know it’s long, but I think all the information was needed to get the full story of the Lip Monthly rumours and their response across.  Please do comment below or get in touch and let me know of your experiences going forward, good or bad.  Thanks for reading!


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26 thoughts on “Lip Monthly Rumours – LM Finally Speak Out!

  1. Christy says:

    They are completely full of crap. Ive been trying to connect with them for two months because of a billing issue. Ultimately, I filed a police report with the Lake County Sherrifs Department in Libertyville, IL. Their address isn’t even completely legit. It’s a false storefront. The authorities shared that they have had hundreds of complaints and that they are investigating the company. Last month’s products contained ingredients that are on the FDAs list of carcinogenic substances and the company called “Camilla” was created solely for the Lip Monthly promotion. Hence why their company website had no inventory and no web footprint prior go last month. The product we all received was rejected, Asian dollar store quality product that was sold at auction.

    I’m envious that you got a response. I cancelled my account, but they are still billing me despite the fact that I can’t log into their site because they eliminated my profile without bothering to terminate my subscription. It’s fraud.

    • Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

      Wow, I can’t believe you’ve had to file a police report! I’m really sorry to hear that. I was interested to hear what you said about the Camilla company… I know they will be checking back here to see what comments are left, so I really hope they get in touch with you to sort out the issues you’ve had. In another week or so, I may ask them to come and have a look if they haven’t already so fingers crossed for you x

      • Christy says:

        Lip Monthly did reach out, both through the BBB and through their newer customer service rep. They refunded my money and, at this point, got the account canceled. I should also, to be fair to their new management, point out that they sent me a May bag. They seem to be responsive now and that is huge.

        I didn’t however get much feedback about my quality concerns with products. There’s no getting around the Camilla product being past date and made for an Asian market with questionable chemicals. The May bag seems to be a better quality but I honestly donated the bag to a women’s shelter so I didn’t look up anything.

    • Erica says:

      I believe it. My bank filed charges against them because of so much fraud. The branch manager got really mad when she tried to calk the number they had listed.

      • Christy says:

        They are full of something that’s certain.
        I was contacted by them, through the BBB. The BBB had told me that they had “multiple upon multiple complaints”. However, where they are complicates matters. Their Libertville address is NOT in Chicago…it’s about 40 miles north, close to the Wisconsin border. But, they claim a Chicago plant to greet around the issue of jurisdiction (Cook versus Lake County). Further complicating the issue is the Canadian hub and incorporation.
        They finally got back to me after I got vocal on social media. I feel genuinely bad for the young lady who seems to be doing damage control. She clearly wants these problems resolved and seems to be doing her best. But, it goes so far beyond simple customer service now. There are just too many people sharing their billing issues and the problems contacting this company. That’s not even addressing the product and the things they’ve done to market cheap, Asian market rejects as boutique quality product. They dont dispute those issues and I am curious how they will deal with it going forward.

  2. Stacey Lynne Anderson says:

    I knew the CS issues were due to rogue employee/s, and working out the kinks of growing too large, too soon. I just could not see how some people had amazing reviews while a lot of others didn’t.. If it was a shady company like some people were implying, everyone would have had bad experiences. I’m so glad I subbed in March, excited to get my first bag and super excited to be going through these changes with them. It’s like watching ipsy and Lip Factory (RIP) grow all over again

    • Christy says:

      Well, in my opinion, it’s not an either/or proposition. It’s possible that they had a rogue employee and it’s shady, and it’s equally possible that some people genuinely were happy with the service. Initially, my problem wasn’t with Customer Service, but with the shady product. I think it’s been quite effectively shown, at least to the satisfaction of the appropriate law enforcement jurisdictions, that the March product (Camilla) contained chemical components that were never supposed to make it to an American market and that the Camilla website was created by the parent company of Lip Monthly, potentially to give it brand legitimacy. The cosmetics were Asian knock offs. Does that mean they’re always going to offer shady product or that individuals within the company were aware? No. But, there is a basic problem with the business model wherein there is no phone support and no clear way to confirm transactions. Until they get it figured out, care is necessary. And, for my money, an employee going THAT rogue and knowing that, as long as they were honest, they couldn’t be touched and that no one stopped them immediately, says a lot about the structure of the business.

      • Anonymous says:

        They had people who worked for the company leaving positive reviews and attacking people that left negative ones on their Facebook page. Companies who are scamming create false reviews all the time.

  3. Erica says:

    They are so full of crap. They double charged my card on the first sub that I got which was four months… they did refund me for that. My bank canceled my debit card and issued me a new one. I did not have any more problems for the four months, so I went with the year sub. I was supposed to get a discount for ordering the year and I didn’t. They did not correct that. It was $120. It was supposed to be $100. To add insult to injury, they double charged me on the $120. I emailed them and they took days to respond. That was part of my rent money and I wasn’t about to be homeless because a subscription over charged me. My bank issued me a new debit card (again) and I waited a few more days for the refund. I then only got one or two bags on the year sub before they just stopped coming all together. I unsubscribe but since I was a yearly sub, they said I couldn’t and they refused to refund me even though I wasn’t receiving bags for several months at a time. When I email them they said that i wasn’t on the shipping list for some reason and they will ship it next week. Next week comes and they say they will ship it out the next week…. this went on for about five weeks. I went to my bank and my bank refunded me the year subscription. My bank is now going after lip monthly and filing fraud charges since they wouldn’t send me the products after I paid for a year in advanced. The phone number they have listed is actually a restaurant in Illinois and the address is fake. I showed all of the emails to my branch manager and they put it in the case file. I was also blocked on lip monthlys Facebook page, even though I didn’t use foul language. Simply because I was trying to get their attention to fix my issues. Instead they deleted my commented and blocked me. I am still blocked at this point. I will never give them another chance. They have not earned it and they lied in everything they said here. Not to mention, my bank has blocked them so I can not purchase from them again.

  4. Jaq says:

    I don’t care what they say, their customer service is still rubbish. I’ve been waiting for a reply to an email for a week now. I “suspended” my account – I use inverted commas as it appears they’ve actually cancelled the account totally rather than just suspending it, so I can’t log in and remove my card details.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but none of this explains or makes up for the fraud they committed. In August 2015, I made a purchase in their store. I was not a subscriber but they had a sale going on and I made that single purchase. I was never interested in the sub due to the negative reviews I’ve heard plus the F rating they have from the BBB. In January of this year, I received an email confirmation of a charge for the lipmonthly subscription followed by tracking in the same day. I DID NOT ever sign up for a subscription nor did I want one or give permission for them to do so. I emailed them asking for a refund. The first response I received was “someone referred you for a free bag” which made no sense because A) none of my friends who have NY email get lip monthly and B) a referral by someone else is in no way, shape, or form permission to steal the credit card info they have on file and charge it! They claimed they were unable to issue a refund. I responded back saying yes they will issue a refund since they never had my authorization to charge me and that no one I know ever referred me. They responded with my full address and credit card information (so insecure to just send it all in an email like that!!) asking me if it was all accurate. I said yes it is accurate thinking they would refund to the card. They responded again and said the only thing they would do was cancel the subscription moving forward and then said that there was no way I didn’t sign myself up nor was there anyway they actually sent me a bag because they didn’t have my information (yet in the previous correspondence they pasted my information all right there so it was a blatant the lie). At this point, I posted my experience on their Facebook page since they were still refusing to refund me. They deleted it 3 times, then blocked me from their page. It had no foul language in it, just my negative experience. They proceeded to send me an extremely offensive email SIXTY-FIVE times in which I was accused of being an idiot saying I must have simply forgotten I signed up (big fat nope) and contained extremely rude phrases. All because THEY committed FRAUD stealing my credit card information. There is no way to delete my card info from their website either. It refuses to “save” if you try to erase the info and save a blank form and there’s no delete button. I had to file a fraud claim with my bank to get my money back. It was so ridiculous. They are lying in their response to you. It’s so much more than billing issues and poor customer service. It’s fraud and it’s theft. No one should support this company.

  6. Jaq says:

    I received my bag yesterday – thank goodness I got it at a reduced price. The make-up bag smells appalling, really strong chemical-based, like dry-cleaning fluid, and the products weren’t particularly nice either, Still no reply to my email, despite their alleged improved customer services. All in all, pretty shoddy.

  7. Slek23 says:

    Had a great experience with them! Great products for a great price. It’s so nice of them that they’ve told about possible problems that could occur and about everything you wrote. It’s a great update on the earlier blog too. Lip Monthly service is great.

  8. Judy Ruffolo says:

    Apparently they are updating their website but I can’t login with my proper email and password. Even if I click “forgot password” it says it can’t find my email. Can anyone help?

  9. Melissa W. says:

    I wish I saw these bad reviews before subscribing!!! I cancelled last month and even received an email stating that my account was indeed cancelled, and now they charged my card again! The email address that they sent the original cancellation on, won’t even let me reply back, just keeps saying the email address doesn’t exist!! I’m not happy. I just opened another account with them for my daughter too! Any suggestions? How do I contact them? Thank you!

  10. Tefta says:

    Never sign up for them! They are so shady! I signed up for the March bag, didn’t get it till March 29th, logged into my account to change it into 4 month subscription, they charged me for 4 months right away and another month for $12.95. When I contacted them, they said they’ll refund me the one for 4 month and never mentioned anything about the extra month. When I asked again, they came back with “we regret to inform you that we have already started shipping, and hope you understand” ….how you ship when costumers don’t get their product till the end of month and when I asked you to cancel? Ipsy is amazing and their costumer service is great! Lip Monthly is a nightmare!

  11. Renee says:

    LipMonthly has not changed. I’ll be filing a BBB complaint today. After trying to cancel my subscription 3 times in one day with my account not updating as cancelled and sending an email that I cancelled my subscription, they still charged my account on July 1. I received the invoice, I sent them an email, asking for a refund and stating I did not want their services. They insisted on sending me the unwanted bag and refused a refund. They’re holding their ground. Today, I received a tracking number for their junk. Their BBB rating is already 1. I’ll also be reporting them to the FTC for unauthorized charges. I encourage others to do the same, if LipMonthly has taken money out of your account without permission.

  12. MK16 says:

    This is absolute nonsense. The cancellation button on the account page does not work – I tried to cancel my account before being charged for the next month. A pop up appeared letting me know an email confirmation would be sent – this never arrived. I then repeated the process 5-6 times (at least). I was surprised to see that I was then charged for the next month’s bag and got in touch with their customer service team who have refused to refund the unwanted charge and don’t seem to understand that there is an issue with their cancellation option in the accounts – in fact, after speaking to them back and forth for most of today, I’m beginning to think it is intentional so people don’t / can’t cancel! I know I’m not the only one to experience this – there are numerous complaints on their social media. I have reported them to the BBB and my bank, and also the provider of their SSL certification. Throughout the entire experience, their customer service has been shocking. I would advise anyone thinking of signing up to steer well clear of them – it’s basically fraudulent online retail practice.

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