Lip Monthly - Are The Rumours True? Lip Monthly Speak out!

Lip Monthly Subscription – Are The Rumours True?

[UPDATE ON 14 APR 16! Lip Monthly have contacted me addressing all these issues in great detail. Find that post here!]

Lip Monthly Subscription

Although I have stopped getting the Lip Monthly subscription, it is something that is often discussed on the various beauty groups I am in on Facebook.  This subscription service seems to have a lot of rumours flying around online, and sadly quite a few people have had negative experiences with them. I first subscribed to Lip Monthly in August 2015.  Pop over to this post and have a quick read about how it works, cost and shipping to the UK… I’ll wait here for you! 🙂 

This beauty bag caught my eye as it is almost solely lip products.  Lip products are my favourite kind of makeup products.  I love experimenting with bright coloured lipsticks and different finishes and brands, so it seemed the ideal subscription for me.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they ship to the UK, and shipping costs aren’t even high ($5)! Lip Monthly - Are The Rumours True? Lip Monthly Honest Review I’m intrigued to get to the bottom of all the issues people have mentioned, as I personally have never had a single problem with Lip Monthly.  I’ll cover the main issues that I hear mentioned, and let you make your own mind up about whether you want to subscribe to them or not.  I just want you to have all the information you need to make the decision!

Billing Issues

I personally never had any issues with my billing.  I was billed at the same time each month, always for the correct amount.  When I did cancel my subscription, I was never charged again and did not lose out on any money. Others weren’t so lucky!  I have heard many reports of people being billed for two months before they receive their first bag, meaning they have paid for one month’s subscription which they never receive.

Lip Monthly have apparently stated that this is because you pay for the month ahead, but these customers don’t get an extra bag after they have paid their last monthly amount, so it seems they have lost out either way! In theory this wouldn’t necessarily be an issue, if they either got an extra bag or their money back, but those who have had this issue tell me that either they get an unsatisfactory response from customer services, or no response at all.  I think customers are often willing to forgive mistakes, if they receive good customer service, but if not it tends to infuriate people that they aren’t getting what they paid for!

Lip Monthly Rumours - Customer Issues Review

Missing Bags/Months

As mentioned above, a few people never received the first bags that they had definitely paid out for.  I genuinely get the impression that Lip Monthly were getting a bit mixed up and making mistakes.  Not that that makes it okay, at all, but I don’t think this was being done in order to gain extra money, which is how some people feel.  However, they had enough feedback from customers over a period of around a year, that they should have sorted it out much sooner than they did!  It looks like they have implemented a new billing policy, as seen here.  I hope this helps in future. Again, I personally had no issues with missing bags.

Bad Customer Service

Now this is the one thing that is inexcusable.  Companies make mistakes… behind all companies are human beings, and none of us are perfect!  However, it’s how you deal with mistakes that defines your company.  I think all the angry ex-customers who are going around telling others about their bad Lip Monthly experiences would have been much less inclined to share it if they had received great customer service.  It’s the feeling of being taken advantage of and disregarded that makes people want to speak out, to stop others experiencing the same!

I have heard accounts of people not receiving replies at all, receiving unprofessional/unhelpful replies and worst of all… being blocked from their social media (see this blog post)!  The quickest way to make disgruntled customers angry is blocking them from social media…which they are using to try and reach out to you because they’ve had no reply to several emails!  Very bad move.  I understand the instinct to stop other [potential] customers seeing negative feedback on your company, but the best way to deal with that would be to respond to it and sort it out, not just delete it and pretend it never existed!

Lip Monthly Review - Customer Issues

Old/Discontinued Products Being Sent

Now this is something that totally passed me by until I was well into my subscription (which is unusual, as I usually research stuff really well before buying!  I must have been having an off day lol!)  Claims have been made by various different people that Lip Monthly send out old, discontinued products.  Apparently some of the items sent out are no longer on sale, for example one of their earlier products, from the Stila Glaze line. It’s hard for me to know something like that just by looking at the contents as of course they are almost all American products!  Part of the fun of getting the subscription was that I had access to brands I couldn’t get in the UK.  I’m much less likely to know whether something is current/still sold in shops.  

There’s a lot of discussion on this subject in this Reddit feed, although do bear in mind that these are all opinions, not necessarily definite facts. Another point of annoyance for American customers is that they can get a lot of the products (from brands like LA Girl, Milani and NYC) at their dollar stores.  You can imagine being irritated at paying $10 for products you could get for half that.  For me (in the UK), this isn’t an issue, as I always want to try American products and can usually either not get my hands on them at all, or buy them at a huge mark-up with extortionate shipping costs.  I still found Lip Monthly a cost-effective way to try American products I’d have been unable to get otherwise.

So… Are The Rumours True?

I would say YES… to an extent.  There is no denying the customer service problems, billing issues and social media comment-deleting that some people have experienced.  Then again, if you’re dying to try the subscription and willing to take the risk then you might be like me, one of the lucky ones who have had no issues.  I had nothing but a positive experience with Lip Monthly personally, and only cancelled due to needing to save money.  However, are you willing to risk losing several months’ worth of subscription money, or not getting a reply if you have any issues?  That’s up to you.

I’d be really interested to hear from you – have you had positive or negative experiences of Lip Monthly?  Please leave comments, so that anyone reading this can get more input.  If I get a lot of feedback/information, I will update this blog post to include it.


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22 thoughts on “Lip Monthly Subscription – Are The Rumours True?

    • Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

      Yeah, that’s kind of why I wanted to write about it, as my experience seemed to be so different to other people’s (although unless you’re blogging, I guess you don’t often talk about ‘ok’ things, you’re more likely to mention bad service etc!) xx

  1. Becky says:

    I think that’s really interesting. I heard about them when they first started up and really wanted to try it but i never got round to it. Bad customer service is a deal breaker for me – people make mistakes but if they’re willing to put it right then that okay

    Love and Feathers,
    The Owlet 💜

    • Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

      Yeah definitely – I’ve had other beauty boxes miss out a sample, or something has arrived leaking but they immediately apologise and put it right, so I really don’t mind. We all make mistakes! But the fact Lip Monthly are being told repeatedly that they’re making mistakes means they really need to own up and sort it out! At least they’ve now changed their billing policy so that’s a positive step 🙂 xx

  2. Natasha Danone says:

    I did subscribe to them and had the WORST experience. Firstly, i paid for 2 bags that never came. Secondly, they did not refund me and stopped replying to my mails. And lastly, they DID block me on their social media, real classy move. This is the single most unprofessional and disgusting experience i have ever had and lost my $25 for nothing. I hope they rot in hell for taking away people’s hard earned money and delivering.

    • Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

      Ugh, sorry you had such a bad experience with them! There’s no excuse for bad customer service and social media blocking, it’s just avoiding the issue. And basically stealing, if you don’t get your money back! Thanks for letting us know x

  3. Bonnie deMynn says:

    Nothing but problems with Lip Monthly. Offered a discount for the first box….didn’t happen, the discount was for 50% off. They claimed that they had live chat “Never anyone available, Ever!!! Received no product, couldn’t cancel my subscription, they claimed I didn’t have one however I was charged for the box. Also apparently no shipping charges world wide . Not true, I was charged anyway. No phone number. The worst was an email stating that ” We will take all of your money. Beware!.” They claimed that they had been hacked how secure is that website and they have all of your info. My box apparently has now shipped after contacting the BBB and they did go after them. I wouldn’t recommend that company to my worse enemy and one last note they will not ever get back to you.!!!!!!!!The rating that they have with the BBB is an “F” lowest possible score that you can obtain. LOL Lip Monthly.

  4. Mary says:

    I receive Lip Monthly and LOVE it! The only thing I don’t love is I can never find spoilers! No problem receiving product, billing or service. Brands have been a nice selection, I haven’t received anything you could get from Walmart or Dollar Store yet. I’ve been receiving for about 4 months. I now order one for my daughter and one for my sister as well.

  5. Sunanda says:

    How do you cancel your subscription. Did you mailed them for cancellation or through your account. If you cancelled through your account then let me know because I am not able to find cancellation or unsubscribe button from my account. Please help me.

  6. Tamara Jones says:

    Ok, I am gonna tell you guys a couple of things, and not because I’m protecting Lip Monthly I just wanna tell my own experience. I am subscribed to Lip Monthly and I never have had any problems with their service or lipsticks I would get. I understand that people get frustrated with not receiving the products or not getting what they wanted, or even having a bad experience with customer service, but you need to keep a couple of things in mind:
    1st. It’s a big world out there: in order for them to send each package to each address takes time, shipping services are not that good and plus there is a lot of people, I mean a lot that are subscribed. Even if you don’t use lip monthly service you can see that shipping service is bad as even today. I recall buying some shirts from a lot of websites and I don’t wanna mention what I’ve got.

    2nd. The customer service people are just people.
    If you come up with message like “Hey guys I hate you” don’t expect customer people to mind your reply. If you don’t respect others don’t think others will respect you.

    3rd. What you give is what you get.
    For 10$ or even less you get a bunch of lipsticks. I mean really? Go to any MAC store and try to buy bunch of lipsticks there and then go back and write a comment.

    There is many more reasons why you should not take people who spend their time writing about other services and bad mouthing them seriously… At the end don’t think that the people who write negatively about lip monthly and other services are not paid to do so. There is a lot of competition out there…

  7. Ana says:

    Hi! I hope you can help me.
    Yesterday I join lipmonthly (without subscribed) and refered a couple friends. When I got my referal friends points, I subscribed to get my free bag (as they say on the website) thinking that there would be an “use your poinys” option at the end of the payment, but nope.
    So today I cancelled my subscription, (and my two friends as well), We are wondering now if we will be charged on Marc 1 (they say the payment is not effective until march 1), or if we are 100% out, like if we never subscribed?

    I emalied them, but they say nothing but that the “refer one friend-get one free bag” program ended last november (the website donen’t say that tho, the info is still there!)

    Also, they say the shipping is free worldwide in four different places of their website, AND IT’S NOT TRUE!!! My country was on the list and I had to pay like 3$ or so for it.

    I find this website so counfusing…. and the customer service is the worst I’ve ever seen.

    I really hope you can help me,
    Thanks in advance,

    • Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

      Hi Ana! Sorry to hear you’re having issues with Lip Monthly. That sounds annoying! I didn’t realise they’d stopped doing the free bags for referrals. I don’t get it anymore though. I’m really not sure about the payment – if you cancelled in time and don’t actually get a bag, then you shouldn’t be charged. I’m not sure what’s going on with the shipping! Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but hopefully if you email LM again, they will be able to answer your questions. Good luck!! xx

  8. Mk16 says:

    I unsubscribed through my account, was charged for the next month and they have refused to refund me – terrible customer service

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