Glossybox // Rose Gold Edit – December 2015 // Review and Unboxing!

Hi guys, are you excited for Christmas?

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll already know that I don’t subscribe to Glossybox.  I used to before I started this blog, and always really liked it, but I decided to try something new and swapped it for Birchbox instead.  And then this……


They made a rose gold edit.  ROSE GOLD!!  I love anything rose gold and couldn’t resist (plus I had a discount code) so I bought a one-off box.  The box is absolutely gorgeous.  It has a white bottom with “let’s celebrate” written in rose gold script writing, then a rose gold lid with a white snow effect pattern over it.  So pretty!

This box was actually put together by a beauty blogger called Really Ree.  Amazingly, I don’t know much about her (I read a lot of beauty blogs and watch beauty channels on YouTube), but she must be well known to be invited to do this.  Anyway, she’s done a great job, so well done her!

Now as you’ll know I usually use everything before I review it and like to give detailed opinions on things but I have just not had chance this month.  I have been unwell and have also had to do Christmas preparation, which has taken up my very limited energy!  So I will just tell you what came in the box and my initial impressions.  Hope that’s ok!

Here’s what came in December’s box.


StarSkin – Behind The Scenes Calming Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Facial Mask

Longest name ever for a face mask that lasts 20 minutes!  I was really happy to see this.  I use a face mask pretty much every week and love trying new ones.  This mask aims to hydrate and pep up tired skin, and is soaked in a whole 30ml of serum!


Hylamide – Pore Delete

This is something really different – it’s not often I receive a product and have never used something similar before.  This white liquid can be used straight over naked skin (if going without makeup) or applied after foundation and before powder.  It is an instant fix for visible pores, claiming to have a similar effect to a photo retoucher!  It will minimise pores, mattify skin and blur in one go.  Whilst it sounds similar to a primer, I find it really unusual that you apply between foundation and powder!  I will get back to you once I’ve tried it out and let you know how well it works.


Essence – Liquid Lipstick in Show Off

Yay!  I was really pleased to see this – lip products are my favourite, and I especially like bright or bold colours.  I’ve never tried an Essence liquid lipsticks but have swatched them all in Wilkos before, and they are best described as a very pigmented gloss.  They do not dry down or go matte, but they do provide an opaque colour.  They also smell pleasantly vanilla-y.  This shade is a nice bright fuchsia, which I know won’t be for everyone but I like it.  I’m more likely to wear it in Spring and Summer, once the sun comes back out.


Collection – Long Lasting Nail Effects in Cosmic Stars

From what I’ve seen, there were different colours in other boxes, but I received a bluey-purple glitter with flecks of red/copper.  It’s really pretty and quite an unusual colour mix.  Again, I really like bright colours so it’s perfect for me.  Especially for around Christmas!  I was quite surprised to find Essence and Collection products in the box, as it is rare to receive ‘drugstore’ brands, but I really like it as a change.  Maybe it’s because they are brands Really Ree likes herself?  This polish has a wide brush, making it quick to apply and claims to be fast-drying.


Etre Belle – Golden Skin Caviar Eye Roll-On

This is a little tube with a cooling, metal rollerball tip.  It contains eye gel which is meant to leave your eye area refreshed and radiant.  It also claims to instantly soothe and hydrate delicate skin.  It actually leaves a very subtle gold sheen on the skin (almost like there are glitter particles, but they’re so very fine that it just makes the area glow rather than looking ridiculous!)  It has a pleasant smell and the metal rollerball really does feel lovely and cooling under the eye.


So Susan – Statement Skin Highlighter Pencil in Starlight

Ooh this is pretty!  It is a highlighter stick, which you can use on your cheekbones, nose and cupid’s bow.  It’s a useful, squared off shape, meaning it glides on easily in the right places.  You can use the very tip of the edge for smaller areas like the cupid’s bow and inner corner of the eyes.  The product contains organic chia seed to hydrate and silk peptide to keep skin supple and elastic.

I will definitely use this, as it looks so pretty on the skin, kind of subtle but it still has quite an impact.  Until very recently, I would never use cream products (blushers, highlighters etc) as I have oily skin, but since using Stila Cream Blush and falling in love, I’m definitely opening up to more cream products.


I love this box, it’s really festive and contains lots of bright and pretty products.  I also like that there are two makeup products, as they are always my favourite.

I hope you enjoyed this review, as my husband is kindly getting me a Glossybox subscription for Christmas, so I will be reviewing them each month for you.

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0 thoughts on “Glossybox // Rose Gold Edit – December 2015 // Review and Unboxing!

  1. thoughtfulpigeon says:

    The box is so pretty and it looks like a nice mix in there. I’ve never heard of anything like the pore delete either, it sounds interesting. Hope you’re enjoying the lead up to Christmas and managing to rest enough, there’s always so much to do around this time of year 🙂

    • Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

      Oh my days the box is gorgeous – I’ll definitely be keeping it to store bits in! Yeah the Pore Delete is really unusual. It’s good though, as it’s not often you get a completely unique thing that you’ve never tried similar to before xx

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