Glossybox May 2015: Unboxing and Review!

Okay, now I know I said I didn’t subscribe to Glossybox, yet this is my second Glossybox review…  If you read this post, you’ll remember I foiled an early birthday present ordered by my husband, by assuming it was mine and opening it!  Well unbeknownst to me, after I ruined the first surprise, he went ahead and ordered me another box as a replacement.  This isn’t a special edition edit box, it is the standard May 2015 subscription box.  It was a lovely surprise as obviously I didn’t expect to get another!


This box was quite a good one, with a few surprising products.

Here’s what I got:

MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand

IMG_20150520_142309          IMG_20150520_142402

This is a double-ended eyeshadow stick, in two blue shades.  There is a pretty metallic turquoise greeny-blue and a darker navy blue.  The Glossybox leaflet suggests, “for a decadent line of colour, start at the inner corner of your eye and delicately drag the pencil outwards in one smooth sweep”.  I tried it as a liner and it worked nicely (although it is a chubby pencil, so of course you can’t get a fine line with it).

Since it’s an eyeshadow stick, I also tried applying it over the lid and blending out with a fluffy brush.  This didn’t work so well, as it creased really badly, so either avoid this, or just use a very sheer layer to avoid creasing. Oh and one warning… this stained my eyelids!!  After using micellar water and eye makeup remover, my eyelids still had a tinge of blue to them.  The only time I don’t use a primer, and look what happens!

Price: £6.95 – we received full size.  Although the information card says you can find it on their website, I personally couldn’t find it anywhere!!  Perhaps they’re not on there yet.

Etre Belle Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel


This vivid green gel is a facial moisturiser, which is wonderfully cooling on the face.  As the name suggests, it contains aloe vera.  It claims to ‘improve skin elasticity considerably’.  A pretty bold claim!  Obviously I can’t tell you whether it actually does this, because you need to trial skin products for several weeks/months to see any visible effects.  However I do love the gel texture and will enjoy using this over the summer (if we have one here in the UK!)

Price: £15.93 for 40ml – we received this, the full size.  You can find it here (it is from a German company).

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam


I didn’t even known this sort of product existed until I saw it in this box!  The closest I’ve used is dry shampoo, but this is very different (actually, it calls itself the ‘next generation of dry shampoo’).  You apply the foam directly to dry hair, rubbing it into your scalp and massaging well.  You then remove the foam by thoroughly towel drying.  No water or mess involved! Of course, as someone who is chronically ill and often finds it difficult to wash my hair, this could be a game changer if it worked well… sadly it didn’t work as well as I’d like it to!  It has a lovely smell (apple) and is easy to use.  However it definitely didn’t leave my hair feeling “freshly washed again” as it claimed it would.

At first, I thought it still felt as greasy as when I applied it.  After a few hours, I could feel a slight improvement but I would still definitely not call it anywhere near clean-feeling.  I didn’t wash my hair until the next day and I have to say, overnight it did seem to work some magic, as my hair definitely felt cleaner than it had after using it the night before. Sadly though, this definitely doesn’t replace freshly-washed hair, or even perform as well as dry shampoo.  What a shame!  I imagine it depends on your hair type, and how much oil you get, so it still may be worth trying to see how it works for you.

It is also marketed as being useful for festivals and comes in a strawberry scent too.  The product is also marked as not being tested on animals, which is a massive plus.

Price: £7.95 according to the Glossybox booklet, although according to the actual product website, the size we received (70ml) costs £3.99.  Buy it here.

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Refreshing & Refining Moisturizer


Ooh I was so excited to receive this one!  I have heard a lot of beauty YouTubers saying how much they like this moisturiser so I’m happy to have my hands on a tube.  This is a new version of the extremely popular Hope in a Jar, being marketed as an amped-up improved version. It contains antioxidants and glycolic acid and has a souffle texture.  It also has a light, pleasant fragrance – not a problem for me but possibly could be for anyone with sensitive skin!

This moisturiser claims to “leave your complexion hydrated, radiant and looking healthier than ever”… let’s hope so!  As I mentioned before, I can’t tell you how well it works without using it for a month or so first (although that may not be possible, as it’s quite a small tube), but I hope it does (see what I did there?  Hope…?  Sorry!)

Price:  £35.50 for full size (60ml) – we received an 18ml sample.  Find it here.

SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate


I saved the strangest til last… this is carefully labelled as an ‘intimate skin concentrate’ which confused me at first.  It is a post wax or shave product which claims to “sooth the skin and reduce hair regrowth, while exfoliating to ensure ingrown hairs are a thing of the past”.  This is definitely a new product on me, but a good idea – especially if it really does slow down regrowth.

The concentrate contains salicylic acid and fruit enzymes.  Directions are to gently massage in two pumps after shaving or waxing.  So if you’re into a bit of pubic topiary, this may be for you!  I haven’t actually tried it yet so I can’t tell you how well or otherwise it works, but that isn’t something I really want to discuss with the world anyway, haha! This product is also not animal tested (“tested by our SASS sisters, never our pets”)!

Price: £12 for 100ml – we received 30ml.  Find it here.

Overall, I was fairly pleased with this box.  It’s a shame the foam shampoo didn’t live up to my hopes but I will really enjoy using the moisturisers and the eye wand.  Details about how to subscribe and cost can be found on their website.

What do you think of this box?  Have you ever used towel off shampoo foam?  Let me know in the comments box or follow me on social media!

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  1. thoughtfulpigeon says:

    The double ended eyeshadow pencil looks so pretty, shame it stains though. I have the tresemme foam ‘dry’ shampoo and love it. I haven’t seen any others do a foam one, though that one you don’t use enough to have to dry it. I normally get an extra couple of days before it needs washing.

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