July 2016 Glossybox Review and Unboxing

Glossybox // July 2016 // Review and Unboxing!

Hi guys!  Hope you’re having a good day.  It’s that time again – Glossybox time!  The July Glossybox is based around the best beauty products to bring us a sunless sunkissed glow.  

Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription box where you sign up for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months to get one box per month.  The box will include five samples/products – they are always a surprise, as you don’t choose what you receive.  The box costs £13.25 per month for the month-to-month plan, but can be as little as £11.75 if you are willing to commit for a whole year.  

July 2016 Glossybox Review and Unboxing July Glossybox

July 2016 Glossybox

If you decide to sign up, you can use this link which will help me collect points but there is absolutely no pressure to use it.  If you would prefer not to, simply google Glossybox and sign up there!

July Glossybox – Unboxing!

July 2016 Glossybox Review and Unboxing Hairon De-Tangling Brush July Glossybox

Hairon – De-Tangling Brush

The first product in the July Glossybox is a de-tangling brush.  It’s designed to detangle wet hair without damaging it (although is fine to use on dry hair too).  It’s also apparently safe for use on extensions.  I’m not a huge fan of these type of brushes in general.  I’ve tried a Tangle Teezer and the Birchbox version but I never end up using them for long.

I tend to find they really don’t get the knots out of my hair.  They almost seem to only brush the surface, and not get into the hair properly, if that makes sense!  I like the idea of these, as they’re small and pretty but I keep reverting back to my good old £1 Wilko paddle brush.  It’s just so much better!  This could be handy to pop in your handbag though.

Value: £6.99 (30% off with code GLOSSY until 30 August 16).

July 2016 Glossybox Review and Unboxing Hawaiian Tropic Lip Gloss Island Berry July Glossybox

Hawaiian Tropic – Lip Gloss in Island Berry (SPF 25)

You’ve likely heard of Hawaiian Tropic, but probably for their suncreams rather than cosmetics.  This lipgloss has SPF 25, to keep your lips protected in the sun.  It has UVA and UVB protection and is approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation!  I’m really happy to get this as I do use SPF products on my lips if it’s really hot (or when I go on holiday, but that’s a distant memory these days!)  The skin on our lips is thin, delicate and easily burnt so it’s actually quite important to keep it protected.

The gloss has a really nice tropical berry scent.  It feels lovely – really smooth and hydrating, but not at all sticky.  It has a very slight tint, but that didn’t show up on my lips.  It just looked like a clear gloss – which is fine, as I’d probably wear it over a lipstick anyway.  It lasts pretty well too, for a gloss.  It has a very slightly strange taste, but I guess my advice would be – try not to eat it, haha!

Value: £6.99

July 2016 Glossybox Review and Unboxing Utan & Tone Nourishing Night Creme Tan July Glossybox

Utan & Tone – Nourishing Night Creme (Gradual Tanner)

If you read this post, you know how I feel about fake tanning.  I can’t blame all the beauty boxes for sending out tanning products during the summer though… I know a lot of people do regularly use them.  I’ll just be over here in the corner, being pale and interesting haha!

I won’t be using this at all so I can’t review it for you guys, but I’ll let you know what the blurb says.  This is a night creme, which contains everything you’d want from your skincare.  It has hyaluronic acid, vitamins and anti-oxidants, so it’s great that it’s a genuinely decent skincare product as well as a tanner.  The product builds up a gradual tan on your face, but won’t stain your pillows or leave any ‘biscuity smell’ (we all know that one!)  If I did use tanning products, I reckon I’d really like this.  You don’t have to skimp on genuinely effective skincare, or layer up loads of different products to get everything you need.  I’ll be passing this one along to someone else.

Value: £12.50

July 2016 Glossybox Review and Unboxing Blank Canvas F20 Flat Brush July Glossybox

Blank Canvas – F20 Flat Brush

I was SO excited when I saw this in my box that I actually ‘oooohed’ out loud!  I never used to get that excited about makeup brushes, but as I’ve got more seriously into makeup in the last few years, I can’t get enough!  A good brush or tool can make so much difference to your makeup.  I’ve genuinely seen an improvement in my application from using the right/high quality brushes.

I’ve only vaguely heard of Blank Canvas Cosmetics before.  They seem to have a large range of brushes on their site.  I received an F20 Flat Brush, which can be used for a variety of different things.  It it described as ‘ideal for applying liquid, cream or powder, leaving a flawless HD finish’.  It’s also super pretty, with a hot pink ferrule (handle) and gold metal.  The brush is made of synthetic fibres, which is fab as it makes it cruelty-free and suitable for vegetarians/vegans.  It’s really soft to the touch.

July 2016 Glossybox Review and Unboxing Blank Canvas F20 Flat Brush July Glossybox

Blank Canvas – F20 Flat Brush

I’ve tried this brush with various different makeup products.  It blended my liquid foundation nicely but used up a LOT of product.  It left a very natural finish, which is great if that’s your goal, but if you want high coverage, it won’t be for you.  I didn’t like it for blush, as again it used up a lot of product but didn’t put much on the face.  I do, however, really like it for powder. I have oily skin, so I like a decent coverage of powder.  This brush buffs on powder really nicely, leaving a smooth, flawless finish.  This will definitely be my go-to powder brush for now.

Value: £11.95 (30% off with code BLANKCANVASGB until 31 Jul 16).

July 2016 Glossybox Review and Unboxing Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara (Waterproof) July Glossybox

Icona Milano – Emotion Allowed Mascara (Waterproof)

I’ve never heard of Icona Milano before, but I’m always happy to try a new mascara!  There are so many average ones out there, so it’s great to get different ones to try without having to buy a load yourself.  Nothing more disappointing than trying a new, hyped mascara and finding out it’s rubbish!  This is a waterproof mascara.  I don’t normally use waterproof mascara as I’m too lazy – it takes much longer to remove.  It’s a good idea including it in a summer box though, as a waterproof formula is perfect for holiday (hot weather and pools).

July 2016 Glossybox Review and Unboxing Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara (Waterproof) July Glossybox

Icona Milano – Emotion Allowed Mascara (Waterproof)

I really like the wand – it’s really small and narrow.  It makes it really easy to work the mascara into the roots of your lashes and is perfect for the bottom lashes.  I wouldn’t use this mascara alone, as it doesn’t give enough volume for me.  I will definitely be using it though, as my first coat for top lashes and to do my bottom lashes.  Bear in mind though that I like my lashes as long and voluminous as possible – if you’re happy with a more natural look, you’ll love this.

The mascara is very creamy and takes a bit longer than average to dry, so be careful not to smudge.  Once dried though, it leaves my lashes feeling really nice.  It doesn’t leave them really dry and crispy, like a lot of mascaras do!

Value: £13.04

July Glossybox – My Overall Impression

The July Glossybox was a bit of a mixed one for me.  I’ll use the gloss, the brush and the mascara, but they haven’t blown me away.  The tanning product and the brush will be getting passed along.  I’m not disappointed, but it’s definitely not the best Glossybox I’ve had.  I’ve loved most of the rest of them though, so it all evens out!

What did you think of the July Glossybox?  Have you tried any of the products?  Let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Glossybox // July 2016 // Review and Unboxing!

  1. Kath says:

    This wasn’t a good box for me, same issue with the tanning product and brush. I don’t like gloss and the smell of this one… yikes! The make-up brush is another one from that same Chinese factory that makes them private label for all the cheap brush brands and yet they’re trying to sell them as pro quality…
    Kath | http://bendybeauty.com

    • Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

      Yeah if you don’t self-tan then you’re a bit screwed with summer beauty boxes haha! You don’t like the smell of the gloss? I quite like mine 🙂 Ah, interesting about the makeup brushes! I’d seen them around but didn’t really know anything about them. Explains why it sucks product up! xx

  2. Tina says:

    I finally stopped getting beauty boxes and they were always a bit too hit and miss for me. I’m now going to live vicariously through others! It’s always a shame when it’s not great, but I guess it’s not a lot to be able to try new products if you like to try lots anyway 🙂
    Great review of it!

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