Glossybox // January 2016 *Starter Kit* // Review and Unboxing!

Hey guys

It felt so strange writing 2016 in the title!  I hope your new year is going well so far.  As you might have read in a few previous posts, I’m cutting down on beauty boxes a little bit for monetary reasons.  Sadly, being a spoonie who can’t work isn’t very profitable, haha!  I have cancelled The Vegan Kind beauty box (but would still highly recommend it to others) and Lip Monthly for now.

Glossybox January 2016

Glossbox Starter Kit – January 2016

Luckily for me, my husband got me a six month subscription to Glossybox for Christmas!  I used to subscribe to it before I blogged but cancelled it at some point, probably again to save money.  But I always really enjoyed it, so I’m really happy to be getting it again.

Here’s what came in my first box, which I assumed was the January 2016 box, but after receiving another box it turns out this one is actually my starter kit (which I had no idea I was getting – bonus!)  Sorry for any confusion my initial post caused.

If you’re not a regular reader, I’ll quickly go over how Glossybox works.  It’s a monthly beauty subscription box, so you sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months to get one box per month.  The box will include five samples/products – they are always a surprise, as you don’t choose what you receive.  The box costs £13.25 per month for the month-to-month plan, but can be as little as £11.75 if you are willing to commit for a whole year.  If you decide to sign up, you can use this link which will help me collect points but there is absolutely no pressure to use it.  If you would prefer not to, simply google Glossybox and sign up there!

Nicka K – Airbrush Blending Sponge

Nicka K Airbrush Blending Makeup Sponge

I’ve never heard of this brand before but was pretty excited to see a beauty blender/sponge in my box.  A lot of people rave about how flawless their base is using these.  I’ve only ever tried a Primark one, which wasn’t great but I’m assured the proper ones are much better.

I spent a seriously long time online trying to find out if this contains latex or not, as I’m allergic to it.  I couldn’t seem to find the answer anywhere, so until I do I haven’t used it.  Hopefully the answer will be no and I can see whether I want to jump on the beauty sponge bandwagon!  I would miss my Real Techniques Expert Face brush though….

£6.50 – buy it here.

Nails Inc Uptown Nail Varnish

Nails Inc – Uptown

I own quite a few Nails Inc polishes and I swear all but one or two have come from beauty boxes!  I find this strange as they’re actually really expensive so quite high value for a beauty box.  At £14 per nail polish, I would probably never actually buy one at full price so I’m perfectly happy to keep getting them in boxes!

I realised I already owned this shade, but in the Gel Effect finish (see my NOTD post here).  I much prefer this one as it lasts a lot longer without chipping.  If you want to see this one on, I wore it last week and it’ll be on the blog tomorrow (Mon 11th).

Value: £11 – sadly they only seem to actually sell the Gel Effect one online now, so I can’t link to this (and the Gel Effect chips really quickly!)

Bellapierre – Mineral Lipstick in Ruby

Bellapierre Ruby Mineral Lipstick

Bellapierre is another brand I only seem to get through beauty boxes.  I’ve never seen it in actual shops so I’m guessing they more of an online presence (and they’re also an American company).

This lipstick is formulated with natural waxes, mineral pigments and antioxidants… it practically sounds like it’s good for you health!  It’s a super bright, vivid red which almost looks fuchsia under bright light.  It’s definitely a shade I’ll wear, I like my bright and bold lips!  The finish is sheeny, slightly glossy and really moisturising.  Again, I do think it’s pretty expensive given you can get a Mac lippie for £14.

Value: £20 – although you can buy it on Amazon for less.

Royal Apothic – Body Lotion

Royal Apothic Body Lotion

Another company I haven’t heard, which is great as part of the pleasure of beauty boxes is finding great new brands.  The packaging looks much more like a hand cream, but it is in fact a body lotion.

Containing lactic acid to smooth the skin whilst keeping it hydrated, this lotion is delicately scented with a light, fresh smell.  It’s pretty easy to transport as the packaging is compact and gets smaller as you use the product, so it might be a good one for travelling.

Value: £14.50 – buy it here.

Emite – Diamond Heart Primer

Emite Diamond Heart Primer

And finally, another new brand to me!  I was pleased to see a primer, as I almost always use them under my makeup.  This primer claims to balance skin tone, boost radiance and create a smooth finish.  It is beige tinted, which I like as it reminds me of Benefit Porefessional – one of my favourite primers.  Even though it’s super sheer, I always feel like the tinted ones do smooth out the skin tone a bit.

The primer is an illuminating one, which I’m always a little wary of as I have oily/combination skin and like a matte finish, but this doesn’t leave your face shimmery or shiny, just fresh-looking.  We didn’t receive full size, but at £25.90 I can safely say I will enjoy this but would never purchase it!  I have found cheaper primers that are just as good.

Value: £25.90 – buy it here.

I was really pleased with my Glossybox starter kit.  I will make use of everything that came in the box and I’ve enjoyed finding out about some new-to-me brands.  Definitely good value for money… even if my husband paid for it!

What do you think of this month’s box?  Have you tried any of the products?  Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!



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0 thoughts on “Glossybox // January 2016 *Starter Kit* // Review and Unboxing!

  1. lolarocks says:

    I have all those products already, it must be your starter box as your first one of your new subscription. I can’t advise if the Nicka K sponge is latex free but my daughter loved it so I hope you can use it. The nails inc polish is always a bonus and like you, I’ve never paid full price for one of those ever, I either get them in boxes, free with magazines or in the sale ☺️ on their website.
    The body cream I wasn’t a fan of, it applied well but the scent wasn’t to my liking. I gave the other two items away.
    Great post & I love how you photograph the products too!

    • Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

      Ah interesting! Thank you for letting me know! I guess my normal sub will start next month then, or do you get this as well?

      I think I’ll tweet Nicka K to find out cuz I’m keen to give it a go! Aww weren’t you a fan of the primer and lippie? Aww thank you, that’s really kind, I’m glad you like them! 😀 xxx

      • lolarocks says:

        It would be great if you got both but I’m guessing not! I’m not a fan of red lippie, it does nothing for me and the primer was lovely but it made my face look really pale as I’m quite dark skinned but I still love trying everything! Xx

  2. aanthblogs says:

    I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this box as the January 2016 one! I got this one last month (definitely the starter box!) as I wanted to try it. I had a feeling the starter boxes would be super amazing so I wanted to keep it for a few months to see if the regular boxes are just as good! I hope you enjoy the products though! You can check out my review of them if you want here:

    Anth 🙂

  3. What Katie Rose Loves says:

    I’ve just signed up to Glossy Box for the first time, I’m so ecited! Do uou know how long the boxes take to arrive? I missed ou on the January box so they’re sending me a starter kit. I’ve followed hun, look forward to reading your posts! xxxx

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