Glossybox April 2016 review and unboxing


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I’m much more on time with my Glossybox review this month!  Go me!

If you’re not a regular reader, I’ll quickly go over how Glossybox works.  It’s a monthly beauty subscription box, so you sign up for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months to get one box per month.  The box will include five samples/products – they are always a surprise, as you don’t choose what you receive.  The box costs £13.25 per month for the month-to-month plan, but can be as little as £11.75 if you are willing to commit for a whole year.  If you decide to sign up, you can use this link which will help me collect points but there is absolutely no pressure to use it.  If you would prefer not to, simply google Glossybox and sign up there!

Glossybox April 2016 review and unboxing

Glossybox April 2016

Here’s what came in my Glossybox this month:

Glossybox April 2016 Studio 10 Brow Lift Perfecting Liner

Studio 10 – Brow Lift Perfecting Liner

I’m sure a lot of people are going to be really pleased to see this brow pencil, as brows are really ‘in’ at the moment!  I have personally never had much success with brow pencils, but that’s more down to my (lack of) skills, haha.  I tend to use brow mascaras (and more recently, one with fibres, like ModelCo More Brows).

This double-ended brow pencil has the actual brow colour on one end, and a brightening highlight shade on the other end, to do a nice brow highlight.  I really like this idea, as it saves time and space on using two products.  The pencil is a nice hard, quite dry one – which is actually a good thing as brow pencils that are too creamy can go on way too thickly and make your brows look really unnatural.  RRP £22.

Next – Make Me Beautiful Lipstick in Sugar Pink

I love this product!  I’ve never tried a Next lipstick before, but I definitely will after this one.  Containing a blend of natural plant waxes and oils, this lippie keeps your lips hydrated but actually has a matte finish.  It is very pigmented, and only takes one swipe to get the intensity you see in the photo of me above.  It lasts really well and doesn’t need re-applying too often.  My favourite product of this month’s box!  RRP £8.

Glossybox April 2016 The Body Shop Oils of Life Facial Oil

The Body Shop – Oils of Life Facial Oil

Ooh this product has caused a stir!  Or should I say, this sample… Most subscribers were pretty unhappy to receive this 7ml facial oil.  You can actually go into The Body Shop and ask for this as a free sample (in fact, it even says free sample on the back of the bottle)!  Subscribers are, understandably, a bit peeved to have received a free sample as one of their five items.  I do think it’s a bit naughty, as presumably this didn’t cost Glossybox anything, so should maybe have been included as a bonus, instead of one of the five.

Other than that, I do like this!  I’ve used it before – it’s a lightweight facial oil which you can use after cleansing, either in place of moisturiser, or lightly under your usual moisturiser.  I personally only use oils at night as I have quite oily skin, so it would be too much under makeup. RRP £28 full size.

Glossybox April 2016 H&O Skincare Skindulgence Cleanse and Hydrate Balm

H&O Skincare – Skindulgence Cleanse and Hydrate Balm

I’ve never heard of this brand before.  The packaging looks quite natural and as though it’s from an independent brand, but given the price, I assume not!  This organic cleansing balm is rich in nourishing plant extracts, to nourish and moisturise the skin.

I love cleansing balms!  I really noticed a difference when I first incorporated them into my skincare routine – they really do get the skin totally clean and free of makeup, without drying it out.  This one smells a bit menthol, but works really nicely and removes makeup well.  Whilst I do like it, I would never pay the RRP of £42.50 for the full sized one, when I can get my beloved White Rabbit Skincare Comfort Cleansing Balm for £15.

Glossybox April 2016 Leighton Denny Expert Nails Miracle Mist

Leighton Denny – Expert Nails Miracle Mist

I was excited to see this, as it’s so different from anything I’ve received in any of my beauty boxes so far!  I also paint my nails A  LOT, so it is really useful for me.  This miracle mist spray aims to have freshly-painted nails touch dry in 3 seconds.  You just hold the can 15cm away from your nails and spray directly onto them for 2-3 seconds.

Of course I gave this a good testing for you!  It works really well.  It does say on the back of the can to leave nails to dry for one minute before using.  I have tried using it more quickly than that and it does get them touch dry, but will smudge if you touch the nail firmly.  However if you follow the directions and leave it one minute before spraying, it works even better and will leave your nails dry enough to be able to get dressed etc without much risk of smudging!  RRP £12.

Overall, I was really happy with this box.  It’s a shame about the free Oils of Life sample, but for me the gorgeous lipstick and nail drying spray make up for it as I’ll get loads of use from them.

What do you think about this month’s box?  Did you get it?  Have you tried any of the products?  Let me know!

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