Glossy Box Edits: “Iconic Hollywood Edition” Unboxing (April 2015)!

Hi everyone!  How are you all feeling?  I’m not too good today.  My various chronic illnesses combined with some emotional upset have seen me in bed for 16 hours solid!  I now feel like concrete, but at least I got some rest!  To cheer me up, I will tell you about this month’s Glossybox!

Little side note to start with… so, the Glossybox arrives in a big cardboard box with the logo printed all over it.  I saw that, and saw my surname, and of course I opened it.  What else would I do?!  I figured I must have bought one as a one-off.  My husband came home from being out and showed a little too much interest in said Glossybox.  It’s rare that he shows much interest in cosmetics etc, so I was a bit surprised.  I thought perhaps he was just after a new face cream, maybe? 😉  Well it turns out he was asking as he had ordered it as part of my birthday present for next month…. oops!!  I didn’t even consider for a minute that the parcel would be for him haha.  So now I have ruined my birthday surprise, hubby has kindly agreed I can review it for you all 🙂

Ok, so as I mentioned, this subscription box arrives in a big cardboard parcel box covered in the brand logo.

IMG_20150416_222258  IMG_20150416_222229

Glossybox have themed boxes on occasion (ie festive, Valentine’s Day etc) and this box is in a retro theme – “Iconic Hollywood Edition”, which can be bought as a one-off for £10 plus P&P.  It is described as a collector’s edition.  The white and mint green box printed with a picture of Marilyn Monroe looks pretty and retro.  Apparently there are also three other colour-way boxes available.

On opening the box, Marilyn informed me that “we are all of us stars and we deserve to twinkle”.  Thanks Marilyn, I quite agree!


The five products (three being full-sized) are nestled on the usual paper fizz, together with the information booklet.  What I like about Glossybox is that they tell you how much the full-sized product would cost, so you can weigh up the box’s value for money and also make an informed decision as to whether you would buy the product again.

A note from the Editorial Director tells us “it’s time to pay homage to beauty (and Hollywood) royalty”,

IMG_20150416_222111 IMG_20150416_222051

Products included


Lord & Berry Lipstick Pencil in Kiss

This is an orange-toned red which applies really nicely.  Although described as having a matte-finish, I found it more of a creamy texture and very comfortable on the lips.  Obviously chosen as red lips were the retro look of choice!  Here is me trying it on (excuse the wonky lips due to my jaw disorder!)

Full sized product – worth £10.

IMG_20150416_221209 IMG_20150416_221422

Astral Original Face and Body Moisturiser

This is a rich moisturising cream which can be used for the face and body.  Chosen as it was a favourite amongst stars and makeup artists since its creation in the fifties, this cream can apparently even be used to remove makeup!

Sample 50ml size.

Full sized product is £2.64 for 200ml.

POP Beauty Kajal Eyeliner Pen

A standard black kajal eyeliner pencil which also includes a smudging sponge on the other end, useful for a smokey eye look.  Sadly despite being plastic-wrapped, most of the writing has rubbed off my pencil.  I only know what it is because of the leaflet included in the box!

Full sized product – £6.50.

Color Club Barely There Nail Polish

This is a beautiful nude nail varnish which is extremely wearable.  Obviously nude nails have their roots in the Hollywood era, hence this product being chosen for the box.  I love this sort of colour because as I am often feeling very unwell, I don’t get chance to do my nails often.  This sort of colour can be applied easily and quickly, and chips don’t show too badly and can be easily patched up.  ME/Fibro sometimes has to mean low maintenance nails!

I found this was absolutely fine and wearable with two coats, but even more opaque and attractive with three.

Full sized product – £6.95.

IDC Scented Garden (Rose) Body Lotion

This is the first brand in the box I have never heard of.  This rose scented lotion is described to be quickly absorbed, hydrating and nourishing.  It was included in the edit box due to rose scents being huge in the retro fifties era.

Sample 100ml size.

Full sized product is €4.98 for 780ml (meaning the sample size is very low value).

Overall I think this was a really nice, classic theme for a box.  Glossybox clearly put thought into what was used in the era.  Personally, I would have liked to see something replace the rose body cream, but overall I really enjoyed the box.

I don’t currently subscribe to Glossybox for financial reasons (sadly, as I used to and it was fab), but if you are interested in subscribing, you can do so here.

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