Birchbox October 2015 // Beauty Subscription Box // Review and Unboxing!

Hi guys!

The months absolutely fly by don’t they?  I can never believe another month has passed when my new beauty subscription boxes drop through the letterbox!

If you’ve been reading these posts a while now, you’ll know the drill… I don’t want to bore regular readers with the nitty-gritty about prices and how the box works; but if you’re a new reader, you can find that here!


This month’s Birchbox was done a little differently than normal.  All subscribers received an email telling them we had a choice between two boxes this month.  One box was curated by Stylist Magazine’s Associate Beauty Editor, Joanna McGarry, with each item having been chosen by her.  The other box was called ‘back to basics’, featuring cult beauty products that are already known and loved by many.  Unusually, we could actually see all the products we would be receiving, so I knew I would get more use out of the Stylist box than the back to basics.


So without further ado, here is what the Stylist curated box contained:

100% Pure – Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze (Peach Bellini)


Oh my!  The packaging on this product is beautiful.  It has an outer cardboard tube which is pretty in pink.  Inside the tube is …erm, how do I put this delicately?  You know Ann Summers bullet vibrators?  Yeah….  It has growing flower/vine patterns in white on the silver bullet and honestly does actually look really pretty!

The tube twists up to reveal a pink stick lipbalm, which has a very light, delicate pink pigment (which doesn’t show much on the lips, just enhances your natural lip colour).  The formula contains avocado and cocoa butters to nourish the lips and fruit pigments for the colour.  The only thing that surprised me is that it doesn’t really smell of anything – I was expecting it to smell fruity!  Great for those who don’t like fragranced products though.

This lipbalm is 100% natural, vegan and also gluten free!  It was made in France by Purity Cosmetics – a company I haven’t heard of before,  but who seem to sell a range of natural, cruelty-free skincare etc.  I’m really pleased with this full-sized product, and think it would actually make a nice gift, due to the lovely packaging!

Value: £19.  Find it here.

Bioderma – Sensibio H20 (Micellar Water)


Most people will have heard of Bioderma – used by many makeup artists, this is the original Parisian micellar water.  A few years ago, most of us in the UK hadn’t heard of micellar water.  Now, it’s a staple in a lot of people’s skincare arsenal!

To use, simply squeeze a small amount onto a cotton pad and wipe gently across the face.  You can repeat the process if required, as it’s a very gentle product.  A lot of people use micellar water to clean off their makeup, which is totally fine.  I personally tend to remove my eye makeup with a separate remover, then cleanse with micellar water and then hot cloth cleanse.  Sounds like overkill, but honestly, even when I think I’ve removed all my makeup, hot cloth cleansing still seems to find more!  If you don’t really wear makeup, micellar water would be totally sufficient for your cleansing routine.

This product is paraben-free and hypoallergenic, so should be suitable for most people with sensitive skin.  I really like this sample and will definitely use it – the only downside for me is how small it is (20ml).  It won’t last long but at least I’ll get a feel for the brand and whether I want to repurchase in future.

Value: £10.20 for 250ml (meaning ours is worth around 80p).  Buy it here.

PARLOR by Jeff Chastain – Smoothing Blow Out Spray


Subscribers have received a product by Jeff Chastain in a past box (a sea salt spray I believe).  This one is described as a ‘cult miracle tonic for blotting out frizz, protecting against heat damage, making hair more manageable and helping hair to hold a style for longer’.

To use, simply spray 4 to 6 times through the lengths and ends of the hair and blow dry as usual.  I don’t ‘style’ my hair as such because it’s naturally totally straight, but I do blow dry it to almost dress each time I wash it.  I will give this product a go, but I tend not to like having products in my hair as they don’t feel very nice.

Value: £17 or 147ml (we received a deluxe sample size of 30ml, worth around £3.40).  Buy it here.

Rituals – Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel


We received a Rituals Fortune body scrub in the August Birchbox, which I love, so I was fairly confident I would like this shower gel!  The product begins as a gel but transforms into foam on contact with the water.  This is a very luxurious feeling body wash (a bit like the Imperial Leather Foambursts), with the scent of rose and almond oil.

I actually find the scent a bit disappointing – it smells like those generic mini hotel soaps you get!  However it feels lovely to use and leaves your skin feeling really soft after your shower.  A little also goes a very long way!

Value: £8.50 for 200ml (we received 50ml, around £2.10 worth).  Buy here.

When – Travelmate Sheet Mask


I was pleased to receive a sheet face mask, as I only tried them recently for the first time and found them quite fun to use!  For those who don’t already know, a sheet mask is basically a cotton or fibre mask in the shape of a face, that has been pre-soaked with the mask.  You literally just take it out of the packet, place it carefully on your face and then remove as per the instructions (in this case, after 30 mins).  They will leave a little bit of residue on your face which you need to wash off, but are generally much ‘tidier’ than normal face masks.

This ‘Travelmate’ mask is designed for when you are on the road and can just take it with you (their website suggests using it after a flight or after you’ve been in the sun.  Chance would be a fine thing haha!)  It contains gentle, moisturising ingredients such as chamomile and arnica, to  help your skin recover from sun, wind and dry air.  I have a few tubes of face mask on the go at the moment so I haven’t yet used this one, but I’m sure I will enjoy it!

Value: £25 for a 4-pack (we received one, at a value of £6… which is actually really expensive for a face mask!!)  Find it here.

English Laundry – No7 Signature For Her (Bonus Item)


I already received this sample in the June Birchbox, so I will just repeat what I said then, as my opinion hasn’t changed!

I’m not a huge fan of getting fragrance samples in beauty boxes – perfume is such an individual thing and there will never be a scent that everyone receiving the box likes, but I suppose that is the gamble you take with a subscription box.

This sample is apparently tweaked from the original No.7 blend for men.  It is described as bright, fruity, flirty and fun with hints of musk.  Now I’m not a big fan of anything with musk in it – it always just reminds me of using Body Shop Musk body spray when I was a tween!  It always smells a bit old and musty to me – a sort of powdery scent.  I won’t be using this perfume as it’s not to my taste but I’m sure I can find someone who will like it.

Buy it here.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with this month’s box (and would only have myself to blame if I wasn’t… I did choose it after all!)  It was a nice broad range of cosmetics, toiletries and skincare.  Obviously I’m not keen on the perfume sample but I’m sure I’ll find someone who will like it.

The total worth of this box was over £30, so at just £12.95 for the box, I think that’s really good value.  It was fun choosing between the boxes as a one-off, but I like the usual surprise element of not knowing what we will get each month.

Want to Subscribe?

If you fancy subscribing, you can use this link, which will give me 100 Birchbox points – there is no pressure at all to use my link and you can just google the website yourself, but I would be very grateful if you did choose to use my link!  As a bonus, you will also receive £5 worth of points yourself!

What did you think of this month’s box?  Fancy trying any of the products?  Let me know in the comments or follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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  1. thoughtfulpigeon says:

    Looks like a nice combination in the box. That packaging for the lip glaze is definitely interesting but it looks like a nice lip product. I’ve always wondered about those rituals foam shower gel things as they look like sprays but the smell sounds disappointing.

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