Birchbox Beauty Box – August 2015: Review and Unboxing!

This is my fourth Birchbox beauty box review.  As always, I won’t go too much into how the Birchbox subscription works, but if you want more information, you can find it in this post.

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First of all, I love this box!!  The actual box itself is adorable.  It is an emoji and #beautyjunkie themed box, so the pattern is just lots of adorable, pastel-coloured beauty emojis.  Definitely one I’ll be keeping to put my makeup in.


The other thing I noticed when I opened the box was that it smelt amazing!  One of the products (which I’ll show you below), smells really nice.  Here’s what I got:

Bonus Item – Emoji Stickers


These are little beauty themed stickers such as mini makeup brushes, mascara and nails.  I’m a really stationery and sticker person, so I will definitely get use out of these.

Formula 10.0.6 – Overnight Success Spot Minimising Patches


This is a sachet containing little deep-down cleansing patches which stick to your skin.  They are infused with tea-tree and grape seed.  You stick one over a blemish before you go to sleep, peel it off (and bin it!) in the morning and it should have helped improved the appearance of the spot.  As you can see, I couldn’t even wait until I’d taken a photo to use these!  I had a spot which has been around for over a month and just won’t go, so I used a (different) patch two nights running.  Although the spot is still there, it is much less red and definitely smaller.  I will keep using the rest of the packet but it’s something I would definitely consider buying as they do seem to work.  They’re also really secure, so no falling off your face in the night!

Value: £2.95 (we received full size).

The Balm – Balm Desert Bronzer


Ooh I was so excited to receive a The Balm product!  I see them all the time on YouTube and blogs but have never tried one of their products.  This is a long-wearing, fade-resistant formula bronzer (no shade name mentioned).  I’m not much of a bronzer user but wanted to try this so I could tell you what I think.  It’s actually a nice shade for a pale person, as long as you use a light touch.  I just gently touched a fluffy brush into it and dusted it onto my face, where the sun would naturally hit, and it looked really subtle and nice.  It’s a tiny pan, so quite fiddly to get a brush into, but it’s not surprising as they are quite expensive products.

The packaging is really cute – it’s like a little book, with a magnetic closure and retro pictures of the swimming pool etc.

Value: £15 for full size (we received 0.8g sample size)

Lord & Berry Blusher in Lotus


Lord & Berry are a brand that very often show up in beauty boxes, but more often than not it is lip products.  This is a loose pan of blusher, which may be annoyingly packaged for some but as I have a Z-palette, it will fit nicely in there along with my eyeshadow pans.

This blusher is such a lovely colour – they claim it will suit all skintones and I can see why.  It is a sort of dusty rose with a hint of brown.  It looks quite dark in the pan but is more subtle on the skin.  It’s really flattering and definitely something I will wear.

Value: £17 (unclear whether we received full size, but I think it may be smaller)

Huygens – Exfoliating Cream


I have vaguely heard of this brand before but don’t really know anything about them.  This exfoliating face cream claims to be gentle enough for daily use.  It uses rice powder particles to smooth and purify without irritating the skin.  It has a pleasant citrusy smell.  It does feel really nice and creamy on the skin, almost as if it will moisturise slightly whilst exfoliating.  I like this product but probably wouldn’t purchase it, as I like to try different skin products.

Value: £17.90 for full size (we received 10ml sample)

Kebelo – Clarifying Shampoo


I have never heard of the brand Kebelo.  This clarifying shampoo is intended to clear any product build-up and styling stress which have left your hair looking dull.  Now I don’t really use hair products apart from the odd spritz of hairspray, but I like the idea of clarifying every month, to get rid of any deep-conditioning build up etc.

You only need to use this shampoo once or twice a month, working it through your hair in the same way as normal shampoo.  I will enjoy using this product and it will probably last a while as you use it so infrequently, but I wouldn’t repurchase it due to not really using hair products, as I mentioned.

Value: £13.95 full size (we received 50ml)

Rituals – Fortune Body Scrub


This is a combination of a body wash and exfoliator.  This is the product I mentioned which scented the whole box – I could smell it as soon as I opened it!  It smells lovely – a combination of sweet orange and cedar.  You can use this scrub a couple of times a week , massaging into damp skin and then rinsing off.

[Edited to add: used this and love it!! It’s quite fine and really effective at removing dead skin. It left my skin soft and smelling nice. Lovely!]

Value: £10 full size (we got 70ml which is fairly big so not sure if it’s full sized or not).

I really liked everything I received in this box.  It was a nice mixture of makeup and skincare, and I was really pleased to finally try a The Balm product.  I’ve never had a bad Birchbox yet, they’re always really good!

What did you think of this month’s box?  Have you tried any of the products?  Let me know in the comments box or follow me on social media – Twitter and Facebook.

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