You Beauty Box // March 2015 // Review and Unboxing!

Hi everyone!  I’m just having a rest day, as my energy is low.  I didn’t sleep too well last night because of the insanely loud wind! I won’t be doing many beauty box reviews, as sadly I can’t afford to get them all (much as I’d love to!)  But as You Beauty box is so cheap, I will be getting that monthly.  I used to get Glossybox a few years ago, and always really enjoyed those. My first Discovery box arrived yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to have a look inside!

You Beauty Discovery Box is a monthly subscription beauty box.  You select two products yourself, from a shortlist.  They then add in a few more surprise products.  This may be accessories, hair/makeup/beauty products and a “healthy treat”.  The box is just £6.95 including postage, which I think is fantastic value for money.  It’s the cheapest box I’ve personally seen on the market.


The box arrived in a grey plastic mailing bag.  It offered no protection, but the box inside was in perfect condition thankfully. It is a sturdy, classy-looking cream and black box, filled with the products, a small monthly magazine and the usual paper bits (I recently heard them referred to as paper fizz, I quite like that!)

My two pre-chosen products

I pre-selected two products for my box, from a list of 10 to 12, which changes each month.  I chose according to what I wanted or needed, but you could easily just select the highest value products, if you wanted the best value for money.

I picked a full-sized Illamasqua matt-finish lipstick in Blood Red (4g).  This retails at £18.50 so that already pays for the box almost three times over!  I love makeup and only have a couple of red lipsticks, so I wanted to see what this was like.  It’s also unlikely I’d ever pay that much for lipstick myself (although I do like the Illamasqua brand ethos), so it was a good chance to try something a bit more high-end.

The lipstick case is squared, shiny and black. It secures well and feels good quality.  When I swatched it on my hand, it showed up as an almost orangey-coral colour.  However on the lips, it is a much truer, blue-toned red.  It is a creamy consistency, and although matt, doesn’t seem too drying.  It contains Vitamin E, which should help with that. 

What I would say is that it was pretty hard to get a neat application straight from the bullet (as you can see from my photo below!)  I would definitely use it with a lipbrush in future.

DSC_1562IMG_20150331_133436 IMG_20150330_200844

Next up, I chose Good Things Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask (15ml).  I have been using a lot of face masks lately and they often just come in one use sachets, so I thought this tube would come in handy.  It claims to brighten and refresh, containing white clay and beeswax.  It has a strong, sweet smell of honey and applies evenly.  It gives the familiar “tightening” sensation as it’s drying. 

After 10 minutes, I washed this off and my skin felt lovely and soft. This usually retails at £5.99 for 100ml, so definitely affordable to repurchase (although I quite like to try lots of different masks).


My additional bonus products

March’s extra treats were Dove Advanced Hair Series “Youthful Vitality” shampoo and conditioner (50ml each).  These claim to replenish hair’s lost nutrients leaving hair stronger, sleeker and with double fullness.  These are half sized products, so would be ideal to take on holiday.  The full 100ml sizes retail at around £6.99. 

Now as I generally try to buy cruelty-free products, I personally use Superdrug brand shampoo and conditioner, which is actually pretty good.  I wouldn’t really spend £6.99 each on shampoo and conditioner, but I know a lot of people buy salon shampoos etc so I’m sure this would be pretty reasonable for them.

I used the shampoo and conditioner today and they were really nice.  The shampoo in particular smells lovely, although took a bit of lathering up.  The conditioner is very creamy and all in all, left my hair clean and healthy-looking!

Finally, this month’s “healthy treat” was a Nakd bar (full size).  For those unfamiliar with them, Nakd bars are made purely from fruit and nuts.  They are more nutritious than cereal bars, always vegetarian and sometimes vegan and they are delicious!  I have been eating these for a long time now, and luckily I got one of my favourite flavours; cocoa orange!  Yum. 

Some other flavours to look out for are cocoa mint, rhubard & custard, bakewell tart (gluten free) and caffe mocha.  I have ordered boxes direct from the Natural Balance website in the past, as it is much cheaper than buying individual bars.  I absolutely love the company, they have such a nice ethos and often send you little free treats when you order.  I have quite often had two free full-sized products to try when I have bought from them.

The little magazine included in the beauty box tells you about all the products you could have potentially received, which is useful.  It also includes some money off voucher codes if you wish to repurchase the product.  The only thing I would find useful is the retail prices, so that you know if it is something you would consider buying again.

IMG_20150330_200902 IMG_20150330_200922

I really enjoyed my first box, thought it was fabulous value for money and will certainly continue with my subscription!  Thumbs up to You Beauty! If this has peaked your interest, you can check out You Beauty Discovery box here.

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