Easter 2015 gifts and my husband’s birthday

Morning guys and dolls,

It was a bit of an odd Easter for me this year.  Usually I go home to my mum’s for the weekend and we have my Granddad and Uncle to stay.  My brother comes home too.  However this year, one of my best friends got married on Easter Sunday.  I spent the evening before at her house (pre-wedding Dominos and PJ party – amazing!), so we “postponed” Easter in our family and will be celebrating next weekend instead.

However that didn’t stop my husband and I swapping Easter gifts.  Now, I told him just to buy a cheap Easter egg as I couldn’t afford to get him anything more this year, due to being on half sick pay at the moment.  But as he is very naughty (read: awesome), he ignored me!


He got me a Milkybar easter egg – Bluebell the cow, yum!  But that’s not all… he also proceeded to hand over a massive selection of chocolate-themed beauty goodies!  Now, my husband knows that I am trying to switch to cruelty free makeup and skincare products, so he had checked these brands out and was happy with them.

I hadn’t heard of Faith in Nature before, but my husband gave me this soap, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel/foam bath.  They are all chocolate scented, and I can’t wait to try them!


He also got me a small Philip B Chocolate Milk Body Wash & Bubble Bath.  It smells delicious – pretty much exactly like chocolate milk!  Although it doesn’t bubble too much, it left my skin smelling sweet after my bath.  Yum!

I also received six Montagne Jeunesse chocolate face masks.  This is a brand I already use but I have yet to try the chocolate masks – I usually get fruity ones.  I can’t wait to try these, as I am trying to do quite regular masks at the moment to keep my skin happy.  I am very prone to hormonal break outs, so I am trying to give it any help I can.

Finally, were these Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula lip butters – Dark Chocolate & Peppermint, and Dark Chocolate & Cherry.  Not only do they smell amazing, they also taste exactly like they smell!  I hope they’re safe to eat as I can’t stop licking them off my lips!  They are very hydrating and seem to have helped the condition of my lips.  I feel very lucky to have received such decadent and thoughtful Easter gifts!


It was also my husband’s birthday on Saturday.  We had a bit of a “fake birthday” on Friday instead, so that I could spend Saturday resting in preparation for the wedding.

Every year since we met, I have made him a birthday cake.  I’ve always loved to bake and let him choose what cake I make each year.  Since being unwell, I can rarely bake anymore, but I refused to let my horrible illnesses stand in the way of tradition – and cake!  So I baked him a cake, but I baked it spoonie-style.

I got hold of a Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge box cake mix, to which you simply add eggs, oil and water.  I also bought a tub of their chocolate frosting.  Now, I would never have made “box cake” before but if it was that or nothing, then box cake it was.  I asked him if he wanted any additional flavour adding (eg mint chocolate or chocolate orange) but he very randomly chose cola…!  I wasn’t sure how it would taste, but the birthday boy had spoken!

I have to say, it came out really well.  The cola flavouring was a little strange, but definitely in a nice way.  The sponge was really moist and the icing tasted great.  Overall, I have to say, the Betty Crocker cake kits really are very good.  I’m pretty impressed!


PS – how many times can you say “chocolate” in one post??  😀

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