Nails Inc mini pastel nail polishes Eton Avenue Lancaster Grove Lodge Road Belsize Lane

Summer Pastel Nails // Nails Inc Mini Nail Polishes // Review and Swatches!

Hey guys!  I’ve been really enjoying pretty, pastel nails recently.  Along with the sun which has been finally showing its face in England, they’re making me feel very spring/summery!  I got these mini 4ml Nails Inc polishes from Love Me Beauty.  You may remember I used to subscribe to their beauty boxes – I don’t anymore, but I do keep an eye out to see if they have anything exciting, and occasionally buy a one-off box.

Nails Inc Power Pastels mini pastel nail polishes Eton Avenue Lancaster Grove Lodge Road Belsize Lane

Nails Inc Power Pastels nail polishes in Eton Avenue, Lancaster Grove, Lodge Road & Belsize Lane

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We Are Tea - Simplicitea Infuser & Earl Grey Supreme Loose Leaf Tea

We Are Tea // Simplicitea Loose Leaf Infuser // Review!

Hi guys If you don’t know this already, I’m English.  Being English usually means two things…

  1. Is from England.
  2. Loves drinking tea.

Ok, so I’m sure there are some Brits out there who don’t like tea, but we’re pretty famed for quaffing our cuppas.  If anyone is ever poorly, upset or has just had a bad day, us English people truly believe ‘a nice cup of tea’ will solve it!  I drink lots of different kinds – fruit, green, (although only flavoured ones, I can’t deal with plain green tea!), herbal, ‘builders’ but my absolute favourite is Earl Grey.  Earl Grey is my ‘normal’ drink that I reach for daily.  If you haven’t tried Earl Grey, it’s a black tea with flavours of bergamot.  You can drink it with milk or black with a slice of lemon (I like both but usually drink mine with a dash of soya milk).

We Are Tea Simplicitea Infuser and Earl Grey Supreme Loose Leaf Tea

We Are Tea – Simplicitea Infuser & Earl Grey Supreme Loose Leaf Tea

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May 2016 Birchbox For The Dreamers


Hi guys!

As I mentioned in this post, my blog was offline for a little while whilst I migrated to, so unfortunately I couldn’t get my beauty box posts up as quickly as I usually try to.  I still wanted to share what I got with you, as this month’s boxes were all really good!  Instead of my usual full review, I’m just going to ‘unbox’ the May 2016 Birchbox with you and show you what I got!

As usual, if you’re a new reader, you can find out all about how the subscription works and the cost in this post.  Otherwise, let’s get straight into the pictures!


May 2016 Birchbox For The Dreamers

May 2016 Birchbox – ‘For The Dreamers’

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You Beauty Box May 2016 Review and Unboxing

YOU BEAUTY BOX // MAY 2016 – The Cult Beauty Edit // Unboxing!

Hi guys!

I promised I’d be back with lots of new posts now that my blog is back up and running, so here I am!  I want to share what I got in the May 2016 You Beauty subscription box.  As I mentioned in this post, because of my nightmare blog migration, you’ve no doubt already seen some of the May boxes reviewed, so I’m not going to do my usual full review.  Instead I’m just going to ‘unbox’ with you and show you what I got!  If you’re new to the You Beauty Box, you can find out about how the subscription works, how you can choose some of your own samples and the price in my post here.

Everything in this Cult Beauty Edit box has been selected for its ‘targeted approach to the colourful world of beauty’; with the products being popular, but less ordinary.  Ready for a nosey?

May 2016 You Beauty Subscription Box!

You Beauty Box May 2016 Review and Unboxing

You Beauty Box – May 2016: The Cult Beauty Edit

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Glossybox May 2016 Review and unboxing


Hi guys

As you may have seen in this post, I’ve been unable to post for about two weeks as I’ve been migrating my blog and things did NOT go smoothly!  I usually try and get my beauty box reviews up as quickly as possible for you, so you have time to get one if you want to.  By this point, you’ve probably already seen May Glossybox reviews online so I’m not going to go into as much detail as I usually do but I still wanted to show you what I got.  So I guess this will just be an unboxing rather than a review!  Hope that’s ok.

May 2016 ‘City Breaks’ Themed Glossybox

This month’s Glossybox theme is city breaks.  They made four different box designs, based around the cities of London, Paris, New York and Berlin.  I have been to all of them except Berlin, and funnily enough that’s the box I got!  I love this month’s products, good job Glossybox!  Here’s what I got:

Glossybox May 2016 Review and unboxing

May 2016 Glossybox

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Make Good Things Happen Pink Flowers Pink Accessories

Back For Good // Where I’ve Been!

Hey guys

I’ve been dying to get on here and tell you what’s been going on!  If you’re a regular reader, you have probably noticed I haven’t been around for a while.  I haven’t published a new post on the blog since 11 May, which is probably the longest I’ve left between posting since I started blogging!  So where have I been and why?

A Tale of to blog Migration Woes!

Well, I decided quite a while ago to migrate my blog over from to  If you’re a blogger, you’ll probably understand why I wanted to migrate!  If not, in short, I have a lot more control and options on, meaning I can make my blog even more ‘me’!  I’ve been putting off actually doing it for ages, because I was worried about losing all my content.  Well, luckily that didn’t happen, but my blog did basically break on and off for about a fortnight!  I had loads of issues, from my security certificate showing an error message every time someone came to my blog, to not even being able to log in to do anything on here!  Overall, a stressful nightmare!

Make Good Things Happen (blog migration woes!)

Anyway, now it’s done and I sure ain’t going to be migrating anywhere ever again!  It’d be stressful enough for the average person, but as stress can flare my ME and fibro, it made for even less fun.  Thank god for my husband being a web developer, as it’d still be offline if it wasn’t for him!  So I’m back, with loads of things I want to blog about and show you – expect my posts to be back to their normal schedule (probably plus extra ones as I’ve been dying to share things with you)!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend – I’m back and loving it! 😀

May 12 Blog Bomb 2016 Post - ME Awareness Week

Knowing Your Limits Does Not Make You Negative! // May 12 Blog Bomb // ME Awareness Week

Hi guys!  You may or may not know that it is ME Awareness Week.  If you’re a regular reader, you will already know that I have M.E.  If you’re not, and want to know a bit more about the illness, I’ve written about that here.  The purpose of ME Awareness Week is literally that – to raise awareness of this often very misunderstood chronic illness.  As the charity Action for ME say, “While we work to increase understanding of M.E. throughout the year, ME Awareness Month offers an opportunity to really highlight the impact of the condition in the press and among professionals and the general public”.

May 12 Blog Bomb 2016 Post - ME Awareness Week

The reason that ME awareness is so important is that it’s an invisible illness – it is misunderstood, hard to diagnose, and there is currently no cure (or even effective treatment).  As ME can make you so unwell, sufferers often stop being able to spend time with family and friends, and may have to stop working.  We can become isolated as we are stuck at home and don’t really get to be out in society.  This means that others often don’t see the true toll the illness takes on their loved one.  I went from working full time, exercising regularly, training with a roller derby team and spending lots of time socialising to being bedridden in a fairly short period of time.  If you want to read last year’s ME Awareness Week post, you can find it here.  I explain more of my story, from my symptoms, how my life was affected and how I imagine my future without chronic illness.

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